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Thanks to the evolution of mobile devices, it is increasingly common for them to be used more as a game and entertainment device than as a communication instrument.

Sometimes, the offer in the official application stores is reduced, due to payment issues or simply because the developer has stopped offering support for an application. In these cases, alternative download options that offer Android apps for free.

From there we can install old and recent versions of the most important Android applications, having a wide library available. Among those options is Download.Wiki, one of the best alternatives to Google Play Store, which allows direct download of the APK of the App and with this, we can share it to other users and install them directly on our device.

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First step: you need to enable the installation of external APKs

The first thing is to access the phone’s system settings and allow it to install applications from unknown sources or other than the official store.

This is a simple process and it does not violate the security of your device, although you need to verify the opinions of users of the APKs you want to install, since some developers modify original applications to obtain user data, which could violate the security of your device .

In, applications are previously verified before uploading them to the database, to avoid this kind of inconvenience.

Wide selection of games

The games section of this website is one of the most complete, having a wide and varied catalog of free and paid games, ready to be installed at no cost.

Of course, although you can download all kinds of games, not all of them will be available to work on your device, as some games have special requirements. If your phone is high-end, surely you can enjoy any of the titles that you will find here.

In the games category, you find a huge variety of APKs ready to download and start playing. Hundreds of games are waiting to entertain users.

The applications within are organized by categories, just like in the official store.

Hundreds of applications are classified into sections such as: communication, sports, education, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, photography, tools, internet, GPS, lauchers, news, security, social and video.

Each one of the applications loaded in the database is reviewed to verify their security and discard those that present malware that could cause damage to the computers on which they are installed.

It is undoubtedly the “WikiAppedia” to get any application that is no longer found or cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store, everything, simply, easily, quickly and best of all, Free!

It is an interesting alternative, which manages to compete with the online application libraries that have been established in recent years.

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