Guide to download and install Fortnite on your Android

Since it was released by Epic games In July 2017, Fortnite has become one of the favorite video games for lovers of this type of leisure. Fortnite is an online cooperative survival game that owes much of its success to its Battle Royale mode, in which up to 100 players can play at the same time.

Fortnite can be accessed from consoles, PC or Mac but many of its users prefer to enjoy this fast-paced game from their Android mobile device. This possibility did not become a reality until August. However, downloading and installing Fortnite for this operating system has its difficulties because not available in the Google store.

Download and install Fortnite for a Samsung device

If you can’t contain the desire to play this addictive zombie survival game and you have a Samsung device, you’re in luck. The owners of the S7 Edge, Galaxy S7, S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus, Note 8 and 9 and Tab S3 or Tab S4 phone models have it much easier than other Android users.

In a few minutes they can have their game downloaded and installed. To do this, they just have to open the Game Launcher, look for the Fortnite installer icon on the home screen and proceed to download and install it.

What is the Game Launcher?

For those who are not familiar with the Game Launcher, this is a new feature incorporated by some of the latest Samsung devices. In this application, all the installed games are gathered in a folder. The Samsung models mentioned above include an icon to comfortably install Fortnite.

Download and install Fortnite on other Android devices

Other Android device users will need more time to download the game but you shouldn’t have a problem if you follow these instructions.

First of all, they must confirm that your Android device is compatible with the game beta which is available from August. This information will be obtained on the official website of Epic Games.

Once compatibility is confirmed, the next step is to sign up for the game’s beta to receive an invitation to use it. This registration is requested by providing the email. And a warning: you have to be patient as many requests take time to respond!

With the invitation already received, it must be registered with Epic Games, a process that can also take days. Next, the link that the user will receive will allow them to download the game’s installer. Once the application is installed, it is now possible to install the game on the smartphone.

However, it is not possible to start playing without logging into the created Epic Games account. And the experts comment as a final recommendation not to delete the game’s installer, since the respective updates arrive through it.

And finally, just remember that the vulnerability that was discovered in the Fortnite installer to download “malware” on Android devices recently has been completely solved and all players can enjoy one of the best games of the year without fear.

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