Documentaries that will make you vegan

There are two ways to convince someone about something: speak well of that something or speak ill of the opposite. Let’s explain it with an example: If we want someone to become vegan, we talk about the Benefits, but we must also show you the dark face of cruelty to animals.

On the one hand, the vegan lifestyle encourages the consumption of foods that do not have animal origin, not even honey or eggs. But, on the other, many vegans they fight, what’s more, against animal abuse in food production or clothing manufacture.

To show people what veganism is all about, many authors have turned to the use of vegan documentaries. The documentary style allows the presentation of a real subject from the author’s point of view, who seeks to make the public aware of it. The advantage of this style is that it achieves reach a wider audience. With vegan documentaries, the author wants question our eating habits and the respect for the environment, in order to achieve a sustainable planet.

Vegan documentaries in favor of the vegan diet

What the health (2017)

One of the most vegan documentaries controversial of recent times is What the health, produced by Netflix. This is the continuation of Cowspiracy: The sustainability secret (2014), a documentary that deals with the issue of environmental damage. In What the health, directed by Kip Andersen, presents evidences of the damage to health eating meat.

During 1h37min, try to raise awareness about the effect of lifestyle and diet on diseases such as obesity, cancer or diabetes. In it, Andersen exposes the alleged conspiracy plot that exists between the main health-related organizations and food companies. Try to show how this plot hides the damage that the consumption of foods of animal origin causes to our health. However, the documentary received many criticisms that point out that the data it presents does not support the complaints made.

Vegucated (2010)

Within the consciousness that vegan documentaries want to create, some appeal to a less dramatic way of presenting the subject. This is the case of Vegucated, a documentary that through humor look for the animal and environmental awareness and education on eating habits.

Marisa Miller Wolfson, director and screenwriter, proposes a sociological experiment to three meat lovers who accept the challenge of following a vegan diet. Thus, for six weeks the protagonists discover the health benefits of the vegan lifestyle. In addition, they discover hidden aspects about animal abuse and damage to the environment of the meat industry. In the end, the three of them will discover that they can “change the world one bite at a time.”

Vegan documentaries on animal abuse to produce food and clothing

Eating animals (2018)

There are many vegan documentaries that reflect the animal abuse that exists behind the meat we consume. One of them, Eating animals is produced and directed by vegan actress Nathalie Portman. It presents a terrifying story about the meat industry, the pollution it produces and the indiscriminate use of chemicals.

With raw and real images, the actress and activist for animal rights wants to raise public awareness about the agricultural economy. The documentary begins with the question, Where does the meat we eat come from? Thus, he takes us on a journey of 40 years with which he denounces the practices for the production of meat and animal derivatives. This documentary earned Portman the “Ongoing Commitment Award” for his fight for the animal cause.

Dominion (2018)

After the shock created by Eating animals, the documentary Dominion sought to reinforce the idea of ​​animal rights. Funded through crowdfunding, it was produced by Chris Delforce and recorded on Australian farms. In this documentary, the erroneous idea of ​​the right of domination that man believes he has over animals is dismantled. In addition, a moral and ethical questioning is made about the consumption of meat of animal origin based on practices that cause suffering to animals. With striking images, he also describes how the entertainment, fashion, pet industry and scientific research are also typologies of animal exploitation.

Vegan documentaries on environmental abuse

Cowspiracy: The sustainability secret (2014)

This documentary presents how livestock is the industry that produces the greatest damage to the environment today. Produced by Kip Andersen and Keegan Khun, Cowspiracy shows us for 91 min how the livestock industry has a decisive impact on the environment. Production of greenhouse gases, waste of resources, waste of water, deforestation Y biodiversity loss are some of its consequences. Animals United Movement, producer of the documentary, has a website where they teach how to live a vegan life.

The end of meat (2019)

From vegan documentaries recently released The end of meat stands out, in which its director, Marc Pierschel, tries to imagine a “post-meat” era. With arguments in favor of respecting the lives of animals, it also presents the environmental benefits of stopping eating meat. The improvement in the quality of the water and the reduction of its consumption as well as the use of the land are some of the aspects discussed. It also presents the benefits on greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation. Among other aspects, it presents new trends in the production of “non-animal meat” among many other advances.

Other vegan documentaries that you cannot miss

There are many vegan documentaries that will give you arguments to adopt that lifestyle. In addition to those mentioned, The game changers, 73 cows, Got the facts on milk, Forks over knives, Eathlings among others present the world of veganism. In Spanish, the Mexican production Matadero and the Spanish Empatía are also committed to greater respect for animal rights. Ya, the rest, is left to your conscience.

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