Discover The Belgium Hotel That Rents Fish To Its Clients !!!

Many times traveling alone is not a decision. For business, to attend family emergencies or attend a training course, travelers must travel with the sole company of their luggage. For some people, traveling alone can be an interesting experience, but for others, it can be depressing. This will no longer be a problem for those who must travel to Belgium, well a hotel The European country has a creative solution to address this situation: they rent fish.

The Charleroi Airport Hotel is a 4 star hotel offers its guests comfortable facilities to vacation, for their business trips, with multiple services to enrich the experience: transfer service to and from the airport, fitness area, in-house restaurant and even a business area with conference rooms. However, the most curious service is offered directly at the reception: fish rental for 3.50 euros per night.

Fish company benefits

Fish are very suitable companion animals in this context for various reasons both for hotel structures and for guests. For hotels, they are animals that require a discreet investment once the aquariums are conditioned, eat little and cost little. In addition to this, they do not require training to ensure that they behave well nor will they imply extra effort for the personnel in charge of keeping the facilities clean.

All of this adds up to guest benefits. For example, they are healthy animals, in the sense that they will not cause any type of allergies. On the other hand, they do not make noise, which is perfect for lovers of silence. This makes them a great company, as they transmit peace and tranquility to people. In fact, they are credited with benefits for people with Alzheimer’s or people who need to relax to combat stress.

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The social phenomenon

The initiative aroused the curiosity of the digital community. In fact, many curious guests share photos of their colleagues on their social media profiles. This has helped make the matter go viral. So popular is the initiative that there are three of the fish that have become the stars of the hotel: Nemo, Heineken and Carlos are the most requested by all types of guests, from businessmen to families.

The idea initially came up to make the waiting time at the reception more pleasant, but it soon evolved to become one of the most requested services by visitors. Families, for example, can receive the fish for free. On one occasion, the hotel managers say, a little girl took the fish with her. His father, saddened, called the hotel to return it, but the establishment decided to give it to him.With regard to criticism of animal abuse from a small community, the hotel responds by assuring that the fish are well cared for, otherwise they would not remain alive after years of ‘activity’. The hotel has a large tank in the cleaning department to keep them while the aquariums are being cleaned, and they are well fed by the hotel staff.

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