What are the differences between a PC Gamer and a normal PC?

At the time of buy a pc it is very important to know the functionality that we are going to give you. There are many questions that lead us to think What do I want it for? What am I going to do with it? What is the use that I am going to give it for? That is why if I am going to use it to only do office automation and Internet browsing work then it would not require a very sophisticated and powerful PC. But if yours are games and games multiplayer, Then you will already require a PC that has the ability to run the games that in the current market require that we have a computer that is up to par so that you can enjoy the games without setbacks. In this edition we will guide you so that you are aware of what the differences between a PC Gamer and a normal PC.

Differences between a PC Gamer and a normal PC

A PC Gamer

  • Its components need to be of high performance, so the price and investment you make will always be higher than a normal PC.
  • They use processor Intel Core i5 or higher.
  • Must have memory RAM from 8 Gb with a speed of 1600 Mhz.
  • Dedicated graphics card like NVIDIA 680 or AMD Model Shapire. The video card should not be integrated into the motherboard so that it does not share the system memory.
  • 1 TB or higher hard drive.
  • The case must have a good source of power preferably certified.
  • A system of AC7 audio (Dolby System) with 7 speakers.
  • A good quality multifunctional mouse exclusively for gamer.
  • LED monitor from 21 inches (the bigger the better).
  • The special gaming keyboard.

A normal PC

  • It’s components they don’t need to be high performance so the price and investment you make will always be lower than a PC Gamer.
  • As a normal PC is dedicated to office automation work and frequent use of Word, Excel, Power Point or any other similar programs does not require a high-performance processor. With a Intel Core i3 processor o AMD Dual Core is sufficient.
  • The memory to work properly would be fine with a 4 Gb.
  • The graphics card is integrated into the motherboard so an AS Rock, MCI or ASUS would be more than good.
  • With a 500 Gb hard drive works smoothly.
  • A case with a 500 watt power supply.
  • Conventional mouse, keyboard and speakers.
  • A 19-inch LED monitor is a comfortable size to work with.

If you make use of photo retouching programs or video editing the specifications of a normal PC change since then we should repower our PC improving it to a level that is close to the specifications of a PC Gamer.

As you will see, there are many differences between a PC Gamer and a normal PC. Everything is in your investment capacity and in the use that you are going to give it according to your profession or hobby. Remember that in order for you to get the most out of your PC if you are a gamer fan it is necessary that you have a high-end PC, especially it must have the best graphics card and the best audio system in the world. market.

As you will see, the differences between a gamer PC and a normal PC will depend on your investment capacity, your job or hobby. Until next time.

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