Denzel Washington’s Top 10 Movies

If it is about good Hollywood film productions, we must mention the films of Denzel Washington. Undoubtedly one of the greatest representatives of the big screen today that has provided throughout his career as an actor and director, films, performances and characters that are worthy of awards and acclaimed by critics and audiences.

Thanks to his performance as an actor, At age 65, he has been able to lower the racial barriers in the industry and put an end to the main prejudices against people of African descent.. His career has been focused on his performances and he has not been involved in scandals beyond fake news, which is why he has earned the respect of the entire public, along with his great characters.

Denzel Washington has been a participant in great Hollywood productions in the last 30 years with characters in charge of making an impact with their message and story. Although it is difficult to collect the best and most renowned titles of his career, we present you the 10 best films of this actor.

Denzel Washington’s Top 10 Movies

Since 1975, Denzel Washington has played roles that are recognized for their grace, humanity, history and inner strength, which have provided him with great opportunities on the big screen and important awards within the academy and other film awards. It is true that where the best actors belong is in the best films and these are Denzel’s:

Training Day

The feature film directed by Antoine Fugua in 2001, provided Denzel Washington with the feat of becoming the first actor of color to win two Oscars statuettes. In this opportunity, he is in charge of impersonating Alonzo Harris, a corrupt cop in charge of the Narcotics Department who must train a rookie played by Ethan Hawke.

Despite being a villain or a person who does not act precisely in favor of the good, the character wins the affection of the public thanks to his charisma and the interpretation that Washington performs. Even, many people in the end agree with Alonzo, something that perhaps another actor would not have achieved the way he did.

Malcolm X

On this occasion, under the direction of Spike Lee, in 1992, he plays Malcolm X in a biographical film of this activist for the rights of people of color in the mid-20th century. The actor dominates a hostile character role and a stubborn attitude that he demonstrates throughout his experience in prison, his conversion to Islam, his career as an activist and his murder.

This film was surrounded by bad reviews, due to the radical reputation that Malcolm X possessed. For many this was a work with which Washington lost the respect of the public, but its nominations for the Oscar and The Golden Globes, as well as the call of Attention to white people, are just some of the signs of the good performance of the actor to bring the activist to life.


This 1993 film features the performance of Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks, who undoubtedly present one of the best performances of their careers. Director Jonathan Demme wanted to portray the story of a homosexual lawyer, played by Hanks, who suffered from HIV AIDS and sued the law firm where he worked for being fired due to his sexual orientation.

At first, Washington did not want to portray Joe Miller to avoid being related to the homosexual community that was so much to talk about as of the production date. In the end, he demonstrated his ethics and managed to perform a great performance that helped to denounce the violations of which homosexual people and those who suffer from this disease are victims.

Hurricane carter

Washington, is again the protagonist of a biographical film, this time he plays Rubin Carter, a boxer wrongly accused of a triple murder and is in charge of proving his innocence throughout the plot, which takes with him the possibility of being one of the best boxers in history, along with the happiness of having won a championship.

The highlight of this role and what leads Denzel Washington to be nominated in the category of Best Actor at the Oscars and the Golden Globe, is the way in which he managed to provide the emotion and tension that was intended with the film, Being part of the history of this boxer who always shows dignity and despite falling into ill-treatment, he never lost his striking personality.

Glory times

This war drama, directed by Edward Zwick, in 1989, is undoubtedly one of the most important works in the career of Denzel Washington. Thanks to his portrayal of soldier Trip, full of looks that fully express the character’s feelings, the actor won his first Oscar and Golden Globe, this time as Best Supporting Actor.

Washington, shared the scene with other great actors of Hollywood cinematography such as Morgan Freeman and Matthew Broderick. These great representatives are in charge of telling through their interpretations the story of the first North American slaves turned into soldiers of the war battalion.


In this 2017 film, in addition to acting, Washington takes the role of director. It tells the story of a father who, despite all the obstacles that the system had in the 1950s against African Americans, wanted to protect his family. In this opportunity the actor gives life to a dominating character, but you gain the understanding of the public, something that only the biggest stars can achieve.

Hidden plan

In this film, the actor works again with the director Spike Lee, this time accompanied by big stars like Jodie Foster, Clive Owen and Christopher Plummer. Play a policeman againAlthough, in this case, he will be in charge of negotiating a robbery and kidnapping of hostages that occurs inside a bank.

The bone Collector

In this film, the famous artist plays a tetraplegic detective who tries to unravel the plans of a psychopath who works on different crimes and leaves traces of his actions to entangle the officers in a murky psychological game, although only one of the agents captures the tracks. In this 1999 thriller directed by Phillip Noyce, the actor share scene with Angelina Jolie.

The great debate

Also directed by the same actor, but in 2007, the story recounts events that occurred in real life. Set in the 1930s, he intervenes in the life of Mel Tolson, a professor from the state of Texas who motivates his students of color to form a debate team to reach the end of the Harvard national championship, against racist universities .

The fire of revenge

Tony Scott, is recognized in the cinematographic world for integrating in the stories he directs a total realism in his action scenes. In the case of this 2004 feature film, at age 50, Washington is tasked with playing a CIA agent seeking justice without losing his temper and must protect a girl, played by Dakota Fanning, whom he rescues from a kidnapping.

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