Deltarune: an RPG that takes us back to the Undertale world

Deltarune came when we thought Toby Fox wouldn’t bring us something else after Undertale, the video game that brought him world fame and became one of the world’s favorites. indie world, creating a fairly large fan base. After the followers demanded a sequel, the first chapter appeared, related to the Undertale universe.

Keep reading so that you know the details of the first chapter of the video game Deltarune from the hand of, in addition to the characteristics of Undertale 2. If you haven’t played it, you want to do it right away.

The demo, which is free to download, offers the full first chapter that takes three hours or more of play to complete, depending on how you exploit the content. However, there are indications that it could be quite long.

What is Deltarune?

First of all, it must be made clear that Deltarune is not Undertale as such. It is true that there are some similarities between the two role playing games. Many staples from the first game also appear here, as it retains, for example, a quirky sense of humor, a riveting art style, and a soundtrack that leans to Undertale.

Deltarune can be a completely different game; however, fans of this world will feel at home with this new version. Experienced players noted that it is a kind of anagram for Undertale, despite the fact that the creator assured that the game is not a sequel or a prequel.

Creator Toby Fox smartly knew how many fan services and referrals he should have included. Among other characteristics, some characters return, but in a more tertiary role so as not to detract from the impact of the new protagonists.

In Deltarune there are many allusions to the first game, but without falling into exaggerations. You will see some subtle references that may be noticed only by the most seasoned fans.

Ingenious news

Deltarune incorporates many important news. It has a totally original attitude and presentation. Among the new elements that this video game incorporates, the following can be mentioned:

Combat system

It shows a combat system that was extensively revised. His style bullet-hell It’s still as fun as ever, but now players will have an entire party to manage, rather than just their one character.

Like all modern RPGs, in Deltarune, each member has their own unique role to play and this is why magic is created.

Magic Profile

Fighting, acting, preservation, and the use of items are still part of the game, but now some characters will also have an option to Magic, which works with a Magic user, one specialized in offensive magic, while the other focuses on healing magic and more pacifist.

Defender option

It incorporates a new defense option, which works in conjunction with Magic: Defend. Not only does it increase your defense, but it also increases the number of stress points the group has.

Stress points

The stress points (TP) they are quite unique from the Magic you get in other role-playing games; however, there is no set TP number, but rather a percentage bar, with Magic abilities requiring percentages of the total TP.


The TP bar in the video game resets to 0% after each battle, so you will have to start each new fight with 0% and win it again during the battle.

For this reason, players are more incentivized to use whatever TP they are capable of winning, rather than trying to save it for future battles. TP earned after finishing a battle is converted to reward money when you win.


Presents a completely new soundtrack, great original characters, exclusive locations and an entirely new story. In summary, not a recycled RPG.

What could be the most interesting thing about Deltarune has to do with where it fits in the Undertale, as it is not clear when or where, in the total of the indie world it is related to the first game.

Deltarune players become increasingly complicated and confused as time passes as the story unfolds. The result is a fascinating game that you learn about little by little.

Some shortcomings

Although Deltarune sets up a lovely experience, a few minor shortcomings have been made. For instance, removes much of the satirical elements from RPGs that Undertale had, and replaces them with real RPG elements. This somewhat detracts from that original touch.

Also try a slightly more mature tone than the previous one, so it’s darker and more mature. Some Undertale fans may be disappointed to find that player choice doesn’t play as big a role as Deltarune.

Deltarune also greatly reduces the replay value of the game, as other than a few minor dialogue differences, there isn’t much reason to go back and try the game again by making different decisions. Lastly, he also didn’t indulge emotionally like Undertale did.

These minor shortcomings don’t detract from the role-playing game in the indie world that continues to garner the attention of Undertale fans.

Is it worth playing?

Deltarune takes place in the Undertale universe and shows us some characters that we already know, but it does not have enough elements to classify it as a second part of Undertale, since they have enough differentiators that have already been explained.

What is known so far only allows us to ensure that Deltarune is a new, totally original story that is related to its predecessor. Perhaps it could be said that it configures a parallel universe with some similar characteristics, but many different things.

Deltarune may not be a near-perfect masterpiece like Undertale; however, it has gained success by belonging to the same universe contributing its own identity. The first chapter signals a good start and Toby Fox proves once again all he has to give.

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