What is Gaming? Definition of Gaming

Today there are a number of digital trades that many of us would not have imagined. A decade ago it was unthinkable that a person could become a professional video game player, but today it is entirely possible. In fact, it is quite a profitable profession, even if it is not in the traditional job market.

What is Gaming?

It’s about running video games professionally. The professional in charge of the activity is called “Gamer”, which would be the person who dedicates himself entirely to playing video games in exchange for some form of financial compensation. Within today’s pop culture, it is a highly coveted profession whose greatest exponents become true celebrities.

The term originated with the rise of gambling. It became popular when some board games made the leap into the digital world, such as Ping Pong. During the 1970s, the term became popular and has evolved ever since, becoming increasingly complex and interesting thanks to the refinement of video game platforms.

Consoles, LAN platforms and online gaming have made this activity very popular. Gamers are even considered electronic athletes, who train with great discipline every day and compete in world tournaments against other professional players who can spend a year preparing intensely.

Even online betting platforms have created specific sections for bets in this sector. Competitions between gamers are named eSports or electronic sports, hence the video game professionals are considered as real athletes, something similar to what happens with intellectual sports such as chess.

What accessories are needed for this activity?

In addition to the most popular video game consoles and titles, gaming professionals gaming They need to equip themselves with some essential things to make the activity more enjoyable. This equipment guarantees comfort and prevents damage to health due to the amount of hours sitting in front of electronic devices.

The gaming chairs They are essential within the accessories that are most used in gaming and it is the first thing that is usually bought. Beyond its rather striking aesthetics, these provide adequate ergonomics when spending hours in front of the computer. The most famous are the DXRacer, which became viral since they began to be used by El Rubius and some other youtubers with millions of followers.

This is the best option available in the market due to many reasons, such as the level of comfort, the quality of the manufacturing materials and the striking design that perfectly matches the type of activity. Choosing the most appropriate is essential for anyone who wants to perform as a true gamer.

Even anyone who for their work requires to sit at the computer for long hours every day, such as programmers and graphic designers, can also benefit a lot from having a gaming chair in their office.

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