Dark Souls III: guide to advance and overcome obstacles

Dark Souls III is a game of the action RPG genre which belongs to the saga created by the Japanese studio From Software. It is one of the most popular among the most demanding players and fans of this type of game.

The world in which Dark Souls III takes place is a gloomy and gloomy place, in which you will meet a wide variety of enemies. You must fight without making mistakes, because a single mistake can trigger your death. This game is loaded with action and attractive graphics that will keep players immersed in an environment full of ruins with intense combat.

In order to make your passage through Dark Souls III easier, we bring you the following guide that will help you move on the right path and overcome all the obstacles that may arise.

How to advance through the world of Dark Souls III?

To advance through Dark Souls III and complete the game 100%, you must overcome all the obstacles that appear throughout the story.

Ash graveyard

This is where the character begins your game. The beginning of the game is marked by the awakening of the latent in a dark place, Through which you must make your way through the tombstones until you reach the Fire Link Shrine, where you must face the first boss: Ludex Gundyr.

Great wall of Lothric

This castle is the most important in the kingdom. To get to the Great Wall of Lothric dYou must use the teleportation that you will find in the Fire Link Shrine, at the end of the Ash Graveyard. In this part of the story, you will have to face ice beasts, armored knights and dragons.

Settlement of undead

This settlement is a town by Huecos that will be very difficult to overcome. You can access this part of the story, after defeating the enemies of the Great Wall of Lothric, then change areas and go to the Vordt bonfire in the Boreal Valley.

Path of sacrifices

In this stage of Dark Souls III you will find yourself at a crossroads marked by several paths that at the same time form a swamp. Upon arrival, you must advance from the bonfire to start facing the enemies, which become huge creatures, similar to ravens.

Cathedral of darkness

After annihilating the boss at the end of the sacrificial path, you must continue advancing towards a path that will lead to a very ancient sacred place where darkness reigns. The objective is to go through the cathedral of darkness to obtain one of the lord souls that are required for the ritual.

Farron Keep

This region of Dark Souls III was previously inhabited by the Farron Legion. Keep alert, because immediately after reaching this area, you will be attacked by the first two enemies of this part of the story, they are two humans: one with a club and the other with a curved sword.

With the greatest of care you must go through the poisoned swamp to gain access to another Lord of Ash.

Catacombs of Carthus

Immediately after you have finished with the previous boss, you can go to the new area of ​​the catacombs of Carthus, when exploring this place you will realize that it’s full of skeletons, which must be annihilated.

Unlike the previous sagas, in this part of Dark Souls III you will not need some kind of special weapon to eliminate the skeletons.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

After completing the previous mission, and if you have already defeated the Deacons of Darkness, you will notice that the door at the bottom of the Great Lord Wolnir bonfire area, located in the catacombs, this gate must be crossed to reach the Boreal Valley. Once there, you must cross the frozen kingdom and then fight one of the representatives of the religion of Lothric.

Irithyll Dungeon

To access the Irithyll dungeon, you must advance until you reach the pit where the mutant spiders make their appearance. Access to this part of history is not by taking the canal, but you must return through the tower at the bottom.

Desecrated capital

The desecrated capital is an ancient place where the ruins of a city remain, you must go through this area to find the third ash lord.

Burning lake

This part of the Dark Souls III story it’s optional, In other words, if you want to ignore it, you can go directly to Anor Londo. If you decide to venture into the area, you can explore the ruins of the demon civilization.

Anor Londo

This site is characterized by being considered a cursed area that is known by fans of previous titles in the saga, and it is where You will have to face one of the most fearsome bosses in the game.

Return to the Great Wall of Lothric

Once you have reached this point in the game, you will be ready to reach the castle after you have defeated Yhorm, the giant; Aldrich, he eats gods; and the watchers of the abyss.

Lothric Castle

Lothric Castle is the place where Prince Lothric remains hidden, upon arrival you will find a crossroads with three options: left, right and ahead. We advise you continue along the straight path where you will see a magician and a knight.

King’s Garden Consumed

This part of Dark Souls III it’s optional, If you decide not to complete it, you can go directly to the Big archive. If you decide to explore this area, you will find that it is a small place, but in which there are some secrets that it would be interesting to discover.

Forgotten tombs

This stage it is also optional, so in the same way you can go to the big file if you want. Although we advise you to complete this area of ​​Dark Souls III, since This part is related to one of the endings of the game and to get here you must have completed the optional area of the king’s garden consumed.

Archdragon Peak

This area will be the last in the game that you can unlock normally and it is also optional to complete it. By accessing this area of ​​Dark Souls III, which is considered the most dangerous in the game, you must have completed the story of the garden of the consumed king, in which you obtain the path of the dragon gesture.

Big archive

To access the final part of Dark Souls III, You must have completed the three optional zones above or have passed the showdown against the Dragon Slayer’s armor, it is precisely on this site that the history of the great archive begins.

By means of a corpse that you will find in the bonfire of the great archive, you will be able to have in your possession the key of the same and the divine double fist sword (twin swords of Gotthard). Here you will find the last ash lord.

First flame furnace

This will be the area where the final combat will take place and if you have reached this point, you must have in your possession the four ashes of a lord. Here the fate of the power that moves the world is decided and it is determined whether the Age of Fire extends or ends forever.

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