Cyberpunk 2077, tricks and secrets

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game created by the developers of CD Projekt and that was released recently, in December 2020, for the platforms of PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is currently also available to PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and Google Stadia users.

It is a role-playing game that is set 57 years later in the city of Night City, in California. The story takes place in an open world made up of six different districts. Players assume the character of V, through which they will immerse themselves in an adventure full of various combats.

This futuristic world can be very overwhelming for gamers, so then Here are some tips and tricks to make Cyberpunk 2077 an unbeatable experience.

How to equip V?

V is the main character of Cyberpunk 2077, he has a series of attributes and abilities that you must consider when creating it.

Attributes and abilities

You can only have available at the same time a minimum number of three attributes and a maximum of six. Which will increase depending on the number of levels passed. The attributes are distributed in five different categories, and each of them is made up of specific skills:

  • Reflexes, in the use of swords, pistols and assault weapons.
  • Constitution, includes athletic skills, with light weapons and shotguns, and in unarmed combat.
  • Technical ability, ability to manufacture objects and build engineering works.
  • Intelligence, parameters to defend against different forms of hacking.
  • Temper, understands stealth skills and the ability to land critical hits on an opponent.

Weapon Crafting

Among the technical skills that will be available, you will find a so-called Artisan Edgerunner. Through which, you can make legendary items or make some upgrades to weapons, to a legendary quality.

Of course, you cannot access this ability before reaching 18 points in this specific attribute.

Also, in any of the different areas of the map you can find legendary weapons. So it is not essential that you unlock this ability, however, keep in mind that this does not apply in the case of iconic weapons.

How to get all the romances in Cyberpunk 2077?

V, the main character of Cyberpunk 2077 can also choose to get a romance. But to be able to fit in with one of the possible candidates, some physical and ideological requirements must be met.

Among the main couple options that V will have to start a romance are:

Panam Palmer

The keys that you must fulfill for Panam Palmer to be V’s partner are:

  • The main character must have a masculine build and flirt with her in the final part of the “Imaginary Storms” side quest.
  • You should not disclose Saul’s plan at the beginning of the side quest “The Last Wagon.”
  • During the conversation you have at the crossroads of the same mission, do not let her realize that you are helping them for money.
  • In the mission “On that side of the road”, he accepts Panama’s offer to move to the neural synchronization phase.

Judy Alvarez

The keys that you must fulfill for Judy Alvarez to be V’s partner are:

  • During the mission “Cross of Razors”, you have to oppose to execute Maiko’s plan.
  • Accept the quest “The End of Summer.”
  • At the right moment you should kiss her in the bathroom.
  • The next morning at the dock, comment that the night before was “the beginning of something wonderful.”

Kerry Eurodyne

The keys that you must fulfill for Kerry Eurodyne to be V’s partner are:

  • The main character must have a male build and voice.
  • During the mission “Heat School”, you must kiss when he asks for your help with the yacht.
  • In the beach scene, you must select the dialogue option that refers to V’s positive interest in Kerry.

River Ward

The keys that you must fulfill for River Ward to be V’s partner are:

  • The main character must have a feminine build.
  • During the mission “The hunt”, you must save him and select the dialogue option that confirms your interest in River.
  • During the mission “Some Good Men”, you must kiss River twice.
  • The next morning, you must select the dialogue option that expresses that you feel good with River.

Learn how to get money fast in Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, as in most fictional games, it takes huge amounts of money to gain access to the best clothing and vehicles in Night City.

There is even a moment during the journey that it will be necessary to have the amount of 50,000 Eurodollars available to continue the journey.

Because of this, there are a series of tricks that you can use to get money faster.

One of the tricks that is usually used in games that are set in open worlds, is collect everything you find with the objects that you manage to accumulate, you can build new artifacts. Also, it is possible to benefit you if you sell them. The only thing is that you verify the value of the object before collecting it, since you must consider that you have limited inventory.

Another way to get quick money is to take their weapons from our enemies after they have been exterminated, if they do not serve you, you can choose to sell them.

You can too carry out some commissions that will generate very good benefits, as is the case of the jobs offered by the character of Wakakko Okada.

These challenges are simple to execute and almost always refer to the extermination of some gang or criminal. The only drawback with this type of mission is that the reward is not always money, but it can be weapons or respect.

All Cyberpunk 2077 endings

During the main quest “Night Op. 55 # 1,” you have the option of deciding what ending you want for your Night City adventure. This title, like all of them, has a collective ending by default, implemented by its developers, but if you meet some requirements, you can access six possible endings.

End 1

Unlock all “Insurrection” and “New Times, Wild Times” missions. Then, you will move on to the epilogue “Calling Earth”, in which the main character can choose to join the program “Preserve your soul” or return to Earth.

End 2

You must complete the side quest “On this side of the road.” Then follow the character from Panama and unlock the missions “Return”, “The shell is going to explode” and “Welcome back.”

When the character of Mikoshi enters the well, you will have access to the epilogue “Flying I go”, where the character of V decides to leave Night City where the nomads are and Johnny stays in cyberspace.

End 3

In the case of Mikoshi, do not enter the well, but cross the bridge with Alt, you will access the epilogue “No documents”, where V will stay in cyberspace with Alt and Johnny remains in V’s body.

Final 4

You must complete the secondary mission “My boyfriend is a zombie” and then, you must complete the missions “Girls are warriors” and “Cross of razors.”

Afterwards, you will return to the point where Mikoshi crosses the point to take you to the epilogue “No documents”. If, on the other hand, he enters the well, you access the epilogue “God Mode”, in which Johnny remains in cyberspace and V becomes a legend in Night City.

Final 5

Cyberpunk’s fifth epilogue may originate from the previous one, dubbed “Undocumented” if Mikoshi decides to go over the bridge. Also, it can trigger in the epilogue “God Mode”, if Mikoshi decides on the well. And finally, if V dies in combat it goes directly to the game credits.

Final 6

The last epilogue of Cyberpunk 2077 you can only find it if in the balcony subplot scene you change your mind about your decision, look at your hands and the main character decides to use the pills to kill himself.

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