Curved penis in babies and minors: When to operate

Although the taboos imposed by society are less and less common, everything related to the world of sexuality continues to be viewed with certain reservations and mistrust. However, this cannot prevent us from overcoming certain problems.

We are going to address, in particular, an issue that more and more people attach increasing importance to, either in themselves or in their children: the curved penis.

What is the curved penis

Having a curved penis is something much more common than most people think. The factor that must be taken into account in this case is the degree of curvature, since if it is too pronounced it can cause problems.

As for the causes that explain the penis curve there are several different reasons. It may be a congenital curve — a curve that is present in babies from the moment of birth — and that is perceived when the child has their first erections, or it may be an acquired curve. The acquired curve (or Peyronie) occurs in those cases in which the penis did not present curvature, but that, due to certain reasons, suffers an alteration in its shape.

Therefore, the reasons for which the penis curvature occurs can be:

  • The first one is due to a developmental anomaly in the fibrous tissue of the penis, in this case the curvature is due to a hereditary issue.
  • A second case is explained by several factors still under study, leading to Peyronie’s disease.
  • Accidents and trauma can also cause the appearance of a curved penis.
  • Lastly, it may be due to an autoimmune disorder.

What problems does a curved penis cause?

A penis that has a slight deviation is not a big problem, so that it is possible to live perfectly with this physical condition without suffering any type of impairment. However, the curvature of the penis can become a pathology that requires treatment to correct the penile curve, especially if the person suffering from it has any of these symptoms:

  • Finding difficulties in sexual intercourse. The curve of the penis can hinder sexual intercourse and can even completely prevent penetration. For both men and women it can be a real nuisance, and not only on a physical level, but it can be the source of mental blocks, loss of confidence and lack of sexual appetite.
  • Have problems when urinating. Our body eliminates waste through urine and the curved penis can turn visits to the bathroom into an ordeal.
  • Make it painful. If the bend is accompanied by pain, it is advisable to seek a solution. Remember that pain is an indicator that something is wrong.

One situation to consider is that an excessive curvature of the penis can lead to a more serious injury such as a fracture.

When any of these reasons occurs, it is convenient to resort to surgery to solve this problem.

In the case of babies, the curvature of the penis can be associated with hypospadias, a birth defect in which the opening of the urethra is at the bottom of the penis rather than at the tip of the glans. When a child presents this pathology it is necessary to resort to an operation to correct the defect. This operation should be done when the child is between six and twelve months old.

In conclusion, the curved penis is not a serious problem, but it can present some complications, so it is advisable to follow up and find a solution.

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