Covid-19: How to explain to your children what is happening

More than 8 million Spanish students of all levels have been forced to stay at home with their families, in an attempt to control the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic. This exceptional situation is perceived differently by children, for whom the idea of ​​”I stay at home” does not seem as interesting as one might think.

How to explain to the little ones that they must stay locked up at home indefinitely? Children deserve the truth and a dose of realism, but you need to deliver the truth in a way that they can understand. In addition, encourage the maintenance of normal routines so that fear and anxiety do not gain ground.

Start by finding out what they know about COVID-19

Being technological natives and with the information bombardment of which we are prey, it is important to start by inquiring about what the child knows about the new coronavirus that has caused this situation. This is accomplished by asking age-appropriate questions and maintaining an open, honest, and responsive conversation, from which we can make a positive contribution on the subject.

It is essential that children are allowed to take the initiative when it comes to expressing themselves on the subject and that we listen carefully to them. It will be the only way to correct any misconceptions they may have and take the opportunity to reinforce the hygiene habits necessary to fight the viral pandemic.

Encourage a normal routine

We know that the situation is not completely normal, but the little ones must understand that life goes on. The period of confinement, as well as the need to maintain physical social distance, is a passing stage that at some point will no longer be necessary. For the moment, it is important that children maintain a normal routine, establishing study, rest and play schedules.

It is also necessary to maintain normality in terms of celebrations and celebrations such as birthdays and Mother’s Day. We can see the example of Dosfarma in online pharmacies, who have dedicated a series of emotional advertising campaigns that seek to enhance family values ​​and remind us that what is important is still present, despite the crisis.

Speak calmly and transmit tranquility

Children are intelligent and very sensitive, therefore they will be the first to notice parental concern. It is for this reason that conversations should aim to convey tranquility. Speak calmly, clarify any doubts, attend to concerns and do not omit information, but adapt it to the child’s age.

It is essential that parents have control of the sources of information. Not everything that circulates on the internet is true and some television news tend to have yellowish tinges, highlighting the deaths. Controlling the flow of information and offering clear answers to any questions is the main tool parents have to help their children cope with the pandemic.

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