Codes and tricks to play Stellaris on PC

We bring you some good tricks to play Stellaris on PC. The Paradox Interactive developers launched this great strategy video game, which has become one of the favorites of many players worldwide.

It is set in space and takes place during the year 2200, when technological advances are at hand of the day. From the start of the game, you will have at your disposal a fleet of warships, an engineering ship, a spaceport, a science ship and you can even select a planet exclusively for you and your team.

There are a wide variety of codes and tricks to play Stellaris on PC, which you can use to enjoy and further expand your experience in the game, so below, we will detail the most important ones that you should know to get the best out of your game .

How to enter the codes and cheats to play Stellaris on PC?

In order to have access to the huge variety of codes and cheats to play Stellaris on PC, all you have to do is locate the key on the left side of number 1 on your PC keyboard and press itAfter that you will have access to the console from where you can enter all the commands you want.

What are the codes and tricks to play Stellaris on PC?

This title has a list with a large number of commands that you can use to gain advantage in various situations such as, for example, you can modify your skills, character traits, artifacts, among others.

The main codes and tricks to play Stellaris on PC are:

Tricks of activation

  • Activate all traditions: activate_all_traditions
  • Activate the specified Ascension Perk: activate_ascension_perk
  • For ships in the selected fleet to take hull damage: damage
  • Activate the specified tradition: activate_tradition
  • Enable or disable AI: ai
  • Begin the process of colonizing the planet: colonize
  • Clutter all resource stores: max_resourc
  • Place french fries in all the dwellings of a selected planet: populate
  • Take over a branch of the planet: branchoffice
  • Amount of resources (default amount = 5000): resource

Tips to add or create

  • Add traits to leader: add_trait_leader
  • Create a fleet with an NPC ship: add_ship
  • Grant one or all relics, which can be added multiple times: add_relic
  • Add anomaly to the selected celestial body: add_anomaly
  • Add species traits: add_trait_species
  • Create a mega structure in the current system: create_megastructure
  • Add alloys (default quantity = 5000): alloys
  • Create a fleet with the latest designs with a specified amount of naval capacity (1 means 100%): create_navy
  • Add robot pops to selected planet: build_pops
  • Add energy credits (default amount = 5000): cash
  • If you want the AI ​​empires to agree with the player’s proposals: debug_yesmen
  • Add engineering technical points (default quantity = 5000): engineering
  • Add buildings to the selected planet: efectadd_building =
  • Triggers: event
  • Add the resource pool or planetary trait to the selected celestial body: effectadd_deposit =
  • Add district to planet: effectadd_district =
  • Add devastation to the selected archaeological site: effectadd_planet_devastation =
  • Archaeological site: effectcreate_archaeological_site =
  • Ethics to the player’s empire: effectcountry_add_ethic =
  • Add experience to federation (default amount = 1000): federation_add_experience
  • Add cohesion to federation (default amount = 200): federation_add_cohesion
  • Monthly cohesion to federation (default amount = 10): federation_add_cohesion_speed
  • Add growing pops to the selected planet (default amount = 1): grow_pops
  • Add food (default amount = 5000): food
  • Influence (default amount = 5000): influence
  • Add minerals (default amount = 5000): minerals
  • Add physics technical points (default amount = 5000): physics
  • Minor Artifacts (default quantity = 10,000): minor_artifacts
  • Add company technical points (default amount = 5000): society
  • Add skill levels for each of the leaders under the player’s control (default amount = 1): skills
  • Add unit (default quantity = 500): unity

Tricks to modify and increase

  • Modify the age of a civilization: effectset_primitive_age_effect =
  • Instantly modify build completion and enhancements: instant_build
  • Mods allow the player to change governments without a time limit: free_government
  • Modify the policy without restriction, including those that were previously disabled: free_policies
  • Modify player empire ethics: effectshift_ethic =
  • Increase opinion of empire (default amount = 40): add_opinion
  • Modify the size of the selected planet, if it is changed to a size greater than 78, the planet will move backwards: planet_size
  • Modify player control to Empire: play
  • Add a modifier with happiness to the selected planet (default amount = 100): planet_happiness
  • Take ownership and control of the fleet, star base or a specific planet, the uncolonizable celestial bodies will not have capital: own
  • Change to observer mode, to return to the previous mode you must use the playback command: observe
  • Change the selected celestial body: planet_class
  • Players’ ships will not take any damage – Invincible
  • Integrate an empire into the player’s empire: force_integrate

Tricks to end, delete or deactivate

  • Remove empire ethics from players: effectcountry_ remove_ethic =
  • Dress to the first galaxy and disable first contact while active: intel
  • Unleash a federation succession: federation_examine_leader
  • Finish all active research: finish_research
  • Finish all special projects: finish_special_projects
  • Finish all terraforming processes: finish_terraform
  • Kill pop: kill_pop
  • Unlock all edicts: unlock_edicts
  • Remove Leader Trait: remove_trait_leader
  • Remove trait of a species: remove_trait_species
  • If you want AI empires to reject player proposals: debug_nomen

Review or Research Tricks

  • Review of currently available technology options: techupdate
  • Instantly research all non-repeatable technologies: research_all_technologies (Add 1 for space creatures and for crisis techniques. Add second number for repeatable technologies)
  • Analyze all planets (Requires at least one science ship): survey
  • Instantly research a technology: research_technology.

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