Cheats to earn infinite money in GTA 5

Would you like it earn infinite money in GTA 5? We help you with it. Grand Theft Auto V is a game that has been on the market for some time. However, in the last year it has achieved a great boom, becoming one of the most played by users of platforms such as PS3, PS4, Xbox and PC.

In this game there is no direct procedure for money. But it does contain some errors that allow that by carrying out specific actions and missions, it is possible to obtain money in a simpler and faster way.

Next, we detail the tricks that you should take into consideration, if you want to win infinite money in GTA 5.

What are the best tricks to earn infinite money in GTA 5?

Submerged briefcases

This trick to earn infinite money in GTA 5 alone can be used, as long as you have not performed the game update. There are exact locations where you can find some submerged briefcases:

  • $ 8,000: briefcase located in the rubble of the coast of Monte Gordo.
  • $ 9,000: briefcase located on the deck of a fishing boat south of the Fort Zancudo military base.
  • $ 10,000: briefcase located inside a trailer on the east coast of the San Chianski Mountain Range.
  • $ 12,000: briefcase located west of Paleto Bay in the tail of the plane.
  • $ 12,500: briefcase located inside the plane on the west coast of the Fort Zancudo military base.
  • $ 20,000: briefcase located on a cargo ship on the east coast of the NOOSE homeland security office
  • $ 25,000: briefcase located on the deck of a ship northwest of the harbor fair.

After you reach the indicated coordinate, you must dive until you find the briefcases. Upon having them in your power, immediately change characters and then return back to the character that you had initially submerged. If you repeat this procedure, the briefcase will be every time you change character and thus you can get infinite money in GTA 5.

Steal armored vans

Another trick to earn infinite money in GTA 5 is executing robberies of armored vans. To locate the vans you just have to check on the map where the blue dots are. After locating any of them, shoot the driver before he enters the van and you will get $ 5,000. In the event that you are unable to open the vehicle’s doors, try taking it into the water and they will open immediately.

Invest in the stock market

An alternative to get infinite money in GTA 5 is through investments, in the complicated stock market. The trick is to invest in a company and attack your competition, Depending on the damage you cause to a competitor, the price of its shares will drop considerably.

You can too Buy the shares when they are down and then attack the competition to make your shares go up. In the case of any of the missions is to end a company, we recommend that you take the opportunity to buy shares in a competitor company.

Lester missions

In GTA 5 there are some missions to obtain infinite money that consist of investing in the stock market and making money quickly through missions of Michael’s friend, named Lester. In total there are five specific missions that will help you get money:

First mission

Buy shares in Betta Pharmaceuticals in BAWSAQ, and at the end of the mission sell them, you will get 50% profit.

Second mission

Buy shares in Debonaire Tobacco at LCN and at the end of the mission you can sell them for get 80% profit. If you expect your competitor’s stock to depreciate, invest in Redwood and you’ll make a 300% profit.

Third mission

Buy iFruit shares in BAWSAQ and then invest in Facade.

Fourth mission

It consists of investing in Vapid Motor Company in BAWSAQ, then check which company has registered losses to acquire its shares.

Fifth mission

In this last mission you must buy shares of Gold Coast Developments in LCN and then sell them so that you can achieve a profit of 80%.

Make money selling cars

Another option to earn some good extra money in GTA 5 is through the sale of cars, which you can find around Los Santos.

The benefits that you can obtain from the sale will depend on the model of the car you purchase and the conditions it reaches the Los Santos Customs workshop.

Among the cars with the most value that you can buy are:

  • Lampadati Felón GT: $ 9500
  • Lampadati Felón: $ 9000
  • GallivanyterBaller: $ 9000
  • Obey Rocoto: $ 8500
  • Ocelot F620: $ 8000
  • Ubermacht Oracle: $ 8000
  • Benefactor Schwartzer: $ 8000
  • Benefactor Dubsta: $ 7000
  • Albany Cavalcade: $ 7000
  • UbermachtZionCabrio: $ 6500
  • OcelotJackal: $ 6000
  • Dundreary Landstalker: $ 5000
  • Fathom FQ2: $ 5000
  • Mammoth Patriot: $ 5000
  • Cheval Surge: $ 3800
  • SchysterFusilade: $ 3600
  • Vapid Dominator: $ 3500
  • Bravado Buffalo: $ 3500
  • Declasse Granger: $ 3500
  • Declasse Tornado: $ 3000
  • Canis Seminole: $ 3000
  • Bravado Gresley: $ 2900
  • Weeny Issi: $ 2800
  • Karin Asterope: $ 2500
  • Maibatsu Penumbra: $ 2400
  • Tax Phoenix: $ 2000
  • Albany Washington: $ 1500
  • Zirconium Stratum: $ 1000

Thefts in stores and ATMs

You should already know that in this game is totally forbidden to use weapons inside the stores, But there is a trick you can use to get out unscathed.

If you leave the door of a store ajar, either holding it with one hand from the outside or blocking it with a motorcycle or car, you can shoot inside, focusing on the cash registers, in order to obtain all the loot.

Another piece of information to consider is what happens in Ammu – nation stores, where there is a glitch. If you repeat the above procedure, you steal the money and after a couple of laps around the outskirts of the store, the cash registers will drop the money again. That is, if you go back into the store, you can collect the money again.

Also, he can rob any citizen, after he comes out to withdraw money from an ATM.

Participate in races

Another tip to earn infinite money in GTA 5 is to steal or buy a car and participate in some races. Plus, it’s an easy way to profit and you’ll have the most fun. Try to acquire a sports model or one of the supers.

There are other ways to get infinite money in GTA 5, but these have proven to be the most effective in achieving the goal set.

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