‘Carnival Row’: meet all its fantastic creatures

Carnival row is an Amazon Prime Video series that takes place in a Victorian world, full of fantasy. In which, a series of mythological creatures coexist that come from different places and who are conquered by the human being.

The main characters in the series are: Rycroft Philostrate, a human detective, played by actor Orlando Bloom. We also see a fairy, named Vignette Stonemoss, represented by actress Clara Delevigne.

In addition to the characters played by Bloom and Delevigne, in Carnival Row a great number of fantastic creatures congregate, which you will know below.

Fantastic Creatures of Carnival Row


These creatures that inhabit Carnival Row, are mysterious golems that originate from the union of legs and arms of dead creatures. They are attached to their guide and remain alive as long as their master remains alive.

Being an extension of their master, darkashers lack judgment and thought of their own. In the series, Philo has one of these creatures, which was born when the detective was investigating how to destroy these creatures. Philo’s darkashers were created from a dead fish and a mole.


In Carnival Row the fairies are the most relevant creatures. They come from Tirnanoc, a land from which they had to leave forced, after it was conquered by the inhabitants of the Borough, leaving it invaded and finished.

They decided to leave in boats towards the city, without using their wings, where they work for the humans.

Burguish, humans

In Carnival Row the humans are called bourgeois and they are all congregated in a city where industries predominate. They have a technology that has led them to conquer territories that are beyond their homeland.

Also, there is a group of humans that differ from the one previously mentioned, and which is called “The Pact”, they are characterized by being more violent and ruthless. It was the humans who were victorious in the fight for fairies’ territory, so most mythical creatures were forced to flee their homelands.


It is about mythological creatures that appear in Carnival Row, they are very similar to elves. They are distinguished by being small in size and by having their own culture and language.

Many are often considered wild and are even mistaken for animals. They do not wear any type of clothing, as their skin is so thick that it looks like armor. In addition, they have the ability to roll in such a way that they can be mistaken for an armored object.

Mixed race

In Carnival Row the children between humans and non-humans are called mongrels. It is considered a crime for mestizos to pretend to be humans. So far, it is not known for sure if there are mestizos of species other than the human race.

There is a legend of a 700-year-old parchment that the fairies of Anoun had, and in which the love story was told between the first human who arrived in the land of Tirannoc and a queen of the fairy world, from which he was born. a mestizo child, considered the first of its kind, from the union between a fairy and a human.

Trolls / Trows

Trolls, or trows, are large and strong beings that generally remain alone and isolated from other creatures. They are within the group of creatures that congregate in the neighborhood of Carnival Row.

They are also displaced, as their homeland is at the northern end of the kingdom of Ignota. Because they are a breed that possesses great strength, they tend to work in the city doing heavy work.


Fauns are one of the many species that make life in the Borough of Carnival Row. Like the fairies, these creatures came to the city in search of a better quality of life. They are generally employed in landscaping, bonded labor, or factory employees.

There are a small number of fauns that have begun to emerge and gain riches, and this is a source of annoyance to wealthy humans. Such is the case of the faun Agreus Astrayon, a character played by actor David Gyasi, who has moved to live in one of the most exclusive areas of the city and where he remains in a constant fight with his neighbors, because they do not finish accept it in the neighborhood.


Marroks are known in the fantasy world as werewolves. This type of species cannot be distinguished from humans, as it happens with the others that coexist in Carnival Row. Except once a month, when the full moon appears and they turn into a wolf.

They are not a race accepted by society in the Borough. The Marroks have been forced to keep their true identity a secret, as is the case with Philo’s friend, the former soldier Darius, a character played by actor Ariyon Bakare.


Centaurs are mythical creatures characterized by being 50% human and 50% horse. Also, they are part of the group of creatures that we can find in Carnival Row. Just as the trolls are part of the working species of the city.

Not much of them has been released so far in the series, however, it is expected that for the following season they will have a more relevant role. For now, they present themselves as passive and lonely beings.

‘Carnival Row’: a fantastic fable

Carnival Row immerses you in a world full of fantasy and mysticism, presenting a criminal plot in which a love story unfolds. What’s more, addresses current controversial issues such as xenophobia and the various situations that refugees experience.

There is no denying that Carnival Row offers a set of items that is attracting more and more viewers. The fantasy, the romance between the different species and the mystery that is presented in the search to solve the different crimes, make this series an option that you cannot stop enjoying.

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