Can you make a living being a Youtuber?

We are currently facing great changes in ways of working and get money. New trades have appeared such as those of influencer or youtubers. This time we will talk about the latter and whether it is possible to live just dedicating yourself to this social network.

Many doubts hang over this possibility. It is generally believed that it is not enough and that youtuber activity is secondary. This is usually true in most cases, but it all depends on the context in which the person wants to develop.

In this opportunity, we will try to dispel some myths around this new profession. This will try to specify under which conditions it is possible, truly make a living being a youtuber and under what conditions this activity does not provide enough income for it.

Living being a youtuber, a goal that takes time

Certainly The number of people who are dedicated to generating content on YouTube is increasing. After all, it is a rewarding activity, as it allows you to share with a large number of people, those topics that we deeply passionate and satisfy.

The dynamics of YouTube allows constant interaction with people who maintain similar tastes. Furthermore, it implies the content generation y represents a way to generate economic income.

The confluence of these factors is what has led many people to aspire to dedicate themselves solely to YouTube. But, Living as a youtuber is a goal that takes a lot of time and dedication. In order to achieve this, you must have enough discipline to make the channel in question profitable.

This is because the income is generated based on the number of followers and the amount of advertising offered and actually received. For this reason, living as a youtuber is really possible, but it is not always easily accessible.

Main difficulties

One of the difficulties of being youtuber lies in the context in which you want to perform. For example, In some South American countries, being youtuber is not profitable, since it is not possible to capitalize the income in a simple way.

Likewise, other national contexts, such as in Spain, due to the nature of its economy, still allow and encourage the participation of its citizens in this type of activity. However, this does not mean that it becomes their only economic support.

In many cases youtubers dedicate themselves to the social network mainly for the personal gratification that it brings them, being an economic contribution in the background. Participation in this new economic modality has important cultural connotations. It is about a particular way of connecting with society, a new form of community pattern.

In summary, the main difficulties that every person must face in order to live as a yotuber are none other than the socio-economic context in which they find themselves and the initiation period.

Youtube potential as a source of income

We must also mention the potential of the social network. We have seen how society has moved towards new social configurations in which knowledge has a central place. Youtube is a flagship sample of this fact.

Many youtubers use the network in conjunction with other platforms such as Patreon. Living as a youtuber is becoming more and more feasible since these alternatives exist due to the fact that through these platforms you can obtain enough income to live.

In this sense, those who are dedicated to this offer both public content and content reserved for patreons. In this way, the thesis is confirmed that in our societies knowledge is increasingly valuable. Based on this premise, many youtubers they are shaping their channels.

The potential of the social network is evident because what is marketed through it are nothing other than what you know that they are able to acquire. It is increasingly within the reach of a greater number of individuals to share and monetize the knowledge they have accumulated throughout their lives.

This is particularly true of content creators who make their knowledge in the arts, sciences, and other disciplines of general interest available to the public. This knowledge is seriously valued by the different communities that are being formed around a certain content generator.

Consequently, can you live by being a youtuber?

Now, let’s go back to the initial question and give a definitive answer. Can you really make a living being a youtuber? The answer is yes, but the same implies some conditions and advantages that are not always within our reach.

For example, although for many it seems something secondary, it is important to have the right tools such as a good computer, a good camera, and a good microphone. These tools are not always available, delaying and even making the success of some aspiring youtuber unlikely.

There are many youtubers who start with the most basic and only when they start to be successful, they manage to acquire better work tools. The other side of the coin of this fact is that there are also some who do not advance due to lack of the necessary material resources.

It can be said that indeed, yes you can live being youtuber, but that does not imply that it is a profession that is available to everyone. Likewise, as it implies several material conditioning factors, it also implies the management of specialized knowledge.

It is necessary to have a good diction, but also charisma. It is important to know how to communicate assertively but also master a subject in depth, which is also of general interest; with sufficient relevance to capture the attention of a large human group.

Only in this way will that be a feasible possibility. If the topics we are dealing with are not massively relevant, it will be much more difficult for us to monetize the videos we share on the social network. Just as there are many possibilities today, there are still many limitations.

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