Call of Duty 2018 will be set in Modern Warfare

Good news for fans of war games !!! The company Activision developer of the most popular first-person combat and multiplayer games, has revealed a clue about what could be a new installment of the saga Call of Duty 2018. The company has revealed on its website that it is looking for a designer with extensive experience in knowledge of firearms and modern military technology to join its team in the development of the combat system for its new action video game. So far nothing tells us that it could be a new installment of Call of Duty but he adds the following: “the candidate must have vast experience in the development of multiplayer action games and knowledge of the mechanics of the Call of Duty game.” This does lead us to think that the company would already be gathering an interdisciplinary work team for the creation of a Call of Duty 2018.

As we have gathered more information, the development of the game Call of Duty 2018 would be in charge of the company Treyarch, the same who developed the Black Ops series video game. One of the video games with the most followers on different types of consoles and one of the most played worldwide. Treyarch has never let its fans down; all the Call of Duty they have made have always been the best and if we add to this that they will have the responsibility of running the franchise and creating a Call of Duty 2018 it would be seen with very good eyes by the followers of this saga.

Developing a new installment would place Call of Duty 2018 in one of the many modern wars. We do not think that this installment will go back to the future since it would be too soon and returning to an environment developed in World War II would not be so successful after recently coming from a similar game so Call of Duty 2018 may be set in one of the wars most important twentieth century such as the Vietnam War, the Gulf War or perhaps something more current as in a confrontation against the Mexican cartel … anything is possible. At the moment they are assumptions, but what is true is that the company’s employment notice Activision It is an indication that the company is working on a new scenario and that we will have Call of Duty 2018.

The delivery of Call of Duty 2018 to PC and other consoles delivery would be scheduled for the last quarter of this year (between October and December) time out for the game developers to impress us again. Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games They have always worked hand in hand with Activision and have alternated the delivery of several games in this series, being a worldwide success. The latest installment of Call of Duty WWII It remains one of the most popular shooters games today and has been a true sales and profit record for the company in the last year.

According to analysts, this new installment of Call of Duty 2018 will be the continuation of Black Ops 3. Whatever the decision, any Call of Dutty developed by Treyarch is welcome. The company will be responsible for the development of the game and made it known through its account on the social network Twitter where they affirm that they have been selected to carry out this new project.

There are many reasons why the development of Call of Duty 2018 is in charge of the Treyarch company. One of the most obvious reasons is that the company has made Black Ops the second best-selling video game at the time after GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V), from the British company Rockstar Games. In addition, the weapon system used and the soldier customization has made this game one of the most realistic when it comes to war games. If Acivisión intends to continue with its work plan as it did with its previous deliveries, it would be confirming the information by mid-April when it should be released the first trailer for Call of Duty 2018.

The new Call of Duty 2018 would rule out the sci-fi genre and it would be more on the side of reality with events that actually occurred in one of many modern wars something that was criticized in the development of the game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare where the war was developed in other worlds.

Another important fact is that Call of Duty 2018 would have versions for the first time not only for PC, PS4 and Xbox One but also for Nintendo Switch. Given continuity to Black Ops, we would be talking about the company having to break previous sales records. The first Black ops was released to the public in 2010 with a sale of more than 30 million copies The same happened throughout the world with its successor Black Ops II, which obtained the same sales margin. By 2016, the game had sold a total of 250 million copies since its creation 15 years ago (when it first appeared), a not inconsiderable amount, so if true, the development of a 2018 Call of Duty: Black Ops IV the company has the challenge of adding more sales to increase the current figures.

The truth is for the moment we must wait and be attentive to the news that may reveal more information to us. We will hope that Activison Marketing staff will reveal official information about it, but in the meantime, fans of this game will be able to continue enjoying the current version that in our opinion has nothing to waste. The new challenge will mean a much more offensive dynamic with other much more realistic control and interaction possibilities with multiplayer environments and with true historical content.

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