C # and Unity 3D, the perfect combination to start programming video games

Create your own video game in a 2D and 3D environment, developing an interactive experience based on the use of programming languages C # and Unity 3D.

Modeling and texturing your projects will require experience and practice, in addition to a series of knowledge that you can acquire through a Video Game Programming course, in which you learn the basic principles of video game programming with the programming language. C #: variables, control structures, functions, etc.

In this way you will achieve codes that make decisions in real time and you will exercise your knowledge through practical exercises.

Later, you will be able to manage your project and use a great variety of graphic resources and sounds that will help you to perfect your programming, using Unity 3D.

C # and Unity 3D for beginners, starting from scratch

Unity 3D is the leading software in the development and creation of videogames, used by leading industry professionals.

It has a creation interface that allows a complete experience for the construction of interactive 3D environments. By taking a video game programming course you will learn to master this tool from scratch, managing to create your own game for personal purposes or perfecting your knowledge to meet the requirements of clients who pay for your skills, once you advance to a professional level.

These courses introduce the world of game creation, using the C # programming language as a base, increasing knowledge by advancing from a beginner level to an advanced level.

These courses are aimed at illustrators, programmers, graphic designers, 3D animators and anyone who wants to create their own video game out of curiosity or looking for a new professional outlet. Programming knowledge is not required, but minimal design knowledge is required to complete this kind of course.

Master the essential foundations of Unity 3D and C #

The objective of the CPA Online study programs is to teach the fundamentals of professional programming and deepen all the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the development of a video game using the C # language and Unity 3D.

All the materials that you require for the process, such as videos, images, sounds and 3D models, as well as different source codes you will find in the higher courses offered by CPA Online.

Additionally, you can learn to master other complementary tools within the audiovisual production area, such as Pro Tools, audiovisual production, post-production and photography, among other specializations.

All the combination of elements will make any person with elementary knowledge able to become a professional video game programmer at the end of the course, which can open new doors for the undertaking of ambitious projects in the field of video games on different platforms. .

The best thing about studying online is the possibility of adapting to different schedules in a flexible way, having multimedia resources available 24 hours a day, with the guarantee of a methodology with proven results.

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