Buying a mobile phone in installments, is it profitable?

Almost all telephone operators offer packages that include a mobile phone at a reduced price that is paid in installments. Is this formula really interesting for the customer or is it better to separate the purchase of a mobile phone and the rate?

Let’s see, next, the characteristics of this modality.

Principles and characteristics of the installment mobile

The packages with the mobile installment are offers that include both a telephone plan, such as hiring unlimited calls without data, as well as the device itself. The main attraction of this type of package is not paying the entire value of the mobile at once.

It is an installment purchase that always includes a commitment of at least 12 months and often of 24 months to complete the payment. This commitment between the medium and the long term allows the brand, such as the purple operator, to subsidize the mobile and, therefore, reduce its purchase cost. Sometimes it was even offered for free.

In return, the client agrees to pay a monthly supplement. To promote their packages, operators are betting on the possibility of obtaining a smartphone at a reduced monthly price.

It is up to the client to determine whether the economic argument is admissible or not favorable in the long term.

Before going into the details, it should be taken into account that, in the event that a customer wants to have a low-end mobile phone, it is not recommended to resort to mobile installment plans, because it is usually cheaper to buy it individually .

Advantages and disadvantages of installment mobiles

The main advantage of buying a mobile phone in installments is its price. The client does not pay the entire price at once, but it is divided into several months, depending on the operator’s offer. As the latest generation phones are sometimes very expensive, these fees allow customers who cannot spend a large sum at one time to purchase the terminal over a previously stipulated time.

If the packages are expensive, they generally offer a range of ancillary services that are not present in other packages. This usually occurs when the company links the purchase of a smartphone in installments to certain rates. Customers with varied and intensive uses, whether in data or communication, will make their subscription more profitable.

However, in some companies, it is possible to manage the customer’s products and services through an application, such as the my Vodafone app.

On the other hand, installment mobiles also have drawbacks, including the mandatory commitment period. When committing for a period of 12 or 24 months, the client will often have to pay a large sum if they want to change operators before the end of their commitment.

To end

In summary, a mobile with installment payment can be a good acquisition if we look at the long-term installments. That is, if the total amount entails a saving compared to the current price and the rate is interesting, it is a good offer.

In all cases, it is up to the client to evaluate their communication and service needs. But those who make intensive use of applications and services such as FaceTime are recommended to purchase a high-end mobile in installments.

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