Bravely Default II: Tips and tricks to play

Bravely Default II is the new Claytechworks title, developed by Square Enix, that users of the Nintendo Switch platform will be able to enjoy.

This game is an extension of its original version, which was a resounding success in its genre so, in the same way, it was opted to continue with the same line as its predecessor. The difference is that this new installment has some interesting news.

So that when playing Bravely Default II you do not feel surprised and overwhelmed, we have brought a series of tips and tricks that will be useful when facing this great adventure. So focus on the following information that will provide the foundation to make your experience as rewarding as possible.

Tips to consider when playing Bravely Default II

Some of the main tips that you should keep in mind to play Bravely Default II are:

Speed ​​up battle animations

Battle animations are usually initially entertaining. But after a while they end up being boring and since the main objective is to advance and increase your experience, you can press the + button to bypass them.

Take advantage of exploration trips

In Bravely Default II, exploration trips are one of the options that you can find unlocked from the beginning of the game. Also, through them, you can gain more experience in an easier way.

Do not rush the confrontations with the big bosses

At the beginning of the game the bosses will have a lot of magic. As a result, it is likely that you will find it difficult to come out on top in a confrontation. It is recommended that you try to stay calm and adopt a defensive position. After the enemies run out of magic, you can face them with a little advantage.

Travel in cities

Travel in cities is a function that allows you to teleport automatically to the different cities that you have previously explored. Also, when returning to places already explored there is the possibility that you will find a new secondary mission available.

Change the difficulty level

Another alternative that Bravely Default II offers you is the possibility of changing the level of difficulty when you require it, you only have to access the configuration menu.

It is recommended that you start from normal difficulty and wait until you have a minimum of ten hours in the game so that you get the necessary skill within it to be able to increase the difficulty level to difficult mode.

Side missions

All of the Bravely Default II side quests can be located by the different NPCs you run into. You can distinguish them by blue conversation bubbles that appear above their heads.

The secondary missions are optional, that is, it is not necessary to complete them all, but, we recommend that you try to execute them to acquire more skill in the game.

Orange target marker

An important tip to keep in mind is that when you find yourself in the dungeons you should not always follow the orange objective marker as you will lose the chance to get numerous secret chests and many of the bonuses.

Learn how to get points and level up

In Bravely Default II, the more points you get, you can increase the level of the different missions and thus unlock skills.

Normally, you manage to obtain a certain amount of points when you complete a mission and kill your enemies in the various confrontations that arise, but leveling up is not so easy to obtain.

The following tips are for you to level up and get points faster:

Make combos

If you perform combos you can defeat several of your enemies at the same time. Also, you will receive a work point multiplier that will give you a great boost.

Use job point orbs

Also, you can make use of the job point orbs that are not that hard to come by, since lThis is how you find when you complete the side missions, you go on expeditions by boat and opening chests.

Use the underdog bonus

This is a bonus that you receive each time you fight and defeat an enemy of a higher level. If your work level is still one and your character’s level is higher than your enemy’s, you will still receive the bonus.

The ability to steal items

If your Bravely Default II character is a thief, you can gain the ability to steal items. In order to select that skill, You need to reach Chapter 2 and continue the journey of the main story until the moment you manage to defeat the third boss in that area.

After this, you can assign the robber job to any of your characters. Subsequently, you just have to keep increasing the level of work until you achieve the skill.

To activate it you just have to access the skills menu and start stealing the objects of your enemies. If you manage to improve this skill, you can unlock an extra skill with which you can steal your enemies just by attacking them.

Take into account the weaknesses of your enemies

If when playing Bravely Default II you consider that it has been difficult for you to defeat your enemies, you can choose to check your weaknesses. To carry out this verification, you only have to use the magnifying glass consumable that you can buy in any store in the city or you can also use the ability “exterminate from Freelancer work”.

After having selected any of the two options, choose the enemy you want to analyze in a confrontation and you will receive all the data you need related to its weaknesses.

In the case of an enemy that you have already faced before, press the X button and you will be able to visualize their weaknesses during combat.

Card games + dominoes in Bravely Default II

In Bravely Defaul II you can choose to unlock Tahur’s job and a card minigame. To achieve this, after you save the kingdom, head back to the Savalon casino, where you will meet Sharley, who is a carrier of the asterisk that will invite you to a game of cards + dominoes. This game consists of obtaining more ground on the board than the rival, using a set of decks of six cards.

Later, if you wish, you can challenge the characters of the different cities and as you get more points, you can have access to new decks of cards and increase your level.

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