Board games are gaining popularity again due to confinement

For decades, table games they have remained in the taste of thousands of children around the world. However, in recent years, videogames are the absolute protagonists. However, after the confinement necessary to make the COVID-19 pandemic subside, board games have once again gained popularity in families, bringing people of all ages together and helping them hang out in the weeks of lockdown.

We all know the most popular board games, but with the help of the web TableGames, we can discover new games, reviews, reviews, buying guides and much more about this exciting world. This way we can choose the most appropriate game that we want to acquire to spend time at home and share quality time with the little ones at home.

The sale of toys and board games increased during confinement

The figures are clear and are repeated in Europe, the United States, Asia and, in general, all over the planet. The game Monopoly, of Hasbro, experienced an increase in sales close to 327% in Spain; online toy stores in Australia report 153% growth in sales during the first quarter of 2020.

In the UK, puzzles and board games had a 240% increase in sales while toys, DIY tools, craft supplies and art had a 70% increase, especially toys for a public older, like the brand’s construction games LEGO Technic.

In the same way, board games that focus on an adolescent and adult audience, such as Cluedo, Scrabble Y ONE they also saw their sales increase during the quarantine. What happens is that confinement forces us to find forms of recreation and fun at home that are alternatives to the media, video games and the internet.

Printables and activities at home

Although the preferred activity of most has been to see the entire catalog of Netflix, infinitely surf the internet and spend many hours on social networks, especially the most popular of the moment such as Tik TokThere are also many other people who have needed another kind of mental stimulation to overcome the boredom caused by the weeks of confinement.

Something that has also had significant growth is the sale of stationery such as markers, blackboards, colors, paints and art supplies. This has allowed many people to have the facility to express their most artistic side through printable drawings that can be colored in, with mandalas being the most popular among adults.

There are board games that are quite traditional, while there are others much less known but of great quality. On the specialized page TableGames You can discover more about the best-selling board games and find those that are interesting according to the particular taste of each one, in order to acquire one that becomes the perfect companion for the isolation season.

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