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Bitcoin Trader: is it a scam or not?

Speaking of bitcoin trader we are talking about a program that gives its users the opportunity to trade in a traditional way or automatically through their trading robots. In this you can carry out your operations on a scheduled basis as you would with any other online broker, you can also let the robot take care of the more complex tasks.

You do not need to install it to be able to use the system, you can control all your transactions directly from the internet once you are registered. Access to the software is completely free, but to start trading in this you require a $ 250 USD deposit, which you can deposit from your cards or through a bank transfer.

At first glance it can be seen as a very new and promising platform, when we read about it we will notice 2 very important things:

  • The first is that they presume that their software is capable of going 0.01 seconds ahead of the market, which is a huge advantage.
  • The second is that they say they have a very novel algorithm that has the ability to perform operations with very high precision, 99.4%.

This would certainly grab anyone’s attention, so we’re going to dig a little deeper below to find out if it’s a completely legitimate system or just one of many internet scams.

Bitcoin trader: is it a legit platform or a scam?

The Internet is full of scam networks, rogue programs and fake trading robots, so every time something seems too good to be true it is likely to be. In the case of Bitcoin Trader this is not the case, since we have been able to verify that it is a completely legitimate websiteAlthough there are negative opinions about it in some forums, there are also many user testimonials that have obtained positive results.

The trading robot used in this platform performs complex mathematical operations in order to try to predict the ups or downs in the markets, but given the volatility of the market, it is not a 100% reliable tool, because, being honest, nobody can predict with certainty how the market will behave. For this reason, even if you have the opportunity to automate your management, you must always be attentive to market conditions.

One of the main evidences that have shown us the authenticity of this site are the testimonies of many users, who have managed to obtain considerable profits using their systems. In addition, they have been able to withdraw their funds without any inconvenience, being a transparent system.

Finally, although it does not have the 99.4% accuracy that it promises, the effectiveness of its robot is still one of the highest you can find because has a hit rate of 85%In other words, it still has a very small margin of error after all.

How does the Bitcoin trader robot compare to other robots?

We can consider it as one of the most reliable you can get today, rubbing shoulders with very popular bots such as Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin evolution Y The new Spy, among others. However, although it is on par with the best, it has an advantage that the others do not have and that is that it can be 0.01 seconds ahead of the market, these characteristics are enough to make it one of the main options that you should take into account when you want to work with some bot.

In summary…

Despite the fact that in some places you can find a couple of negative reviews and the occasional accusation of being a scam, Bitcoin trader is a legitimate system and one of the most recommended.

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