Bitcoin, a currency that is changing the world

For some people, Bitcoin It is a monetary experiment, which challenges the traditional currency exchange. This cybercurrency is impacting the world as we know it, with its innovative proposal to carry out digital transactions from person to person, without intermediating banks.

The idea of ​​a virtual currency was born in 2009 and was created using an open source platform by an anonymous network of technology experts. For what Bitcoin is considered a currency and, also, a digital system for the commercial exchange of goods and services.

This digital system is kept working thanks to the users themselves, which guarantees their independence from countries, banks or institutions. Therefore, it is important to know the Bitcoin through an official page dedicated to this topic.

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Bitcoin, the currency

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that exists thanks to the blockchain or Blockchain that supports it. The Blockchain allows the digital accounting of all electronic transactions that are carried out using Bitcoin as the exchange currency.

Bitcoin is also a digital system that has a complex verification procedure for the transactions that are carried out, so that they cannot be used twice. Each Bitcoin that is used as a currency is unique, due to the complex cryptographic structure that composes it, generated through sophisticated mathematical algorithms.

Each digital transaction made with Bitcoins is recorded publicly, but without personal data, in a digital ledger or ledger. This digital book called blockchain or chain of blocks, handles complex cryptographic structures, which allow saving the information of the transactions.

This cryptographic character makes Bitcoin known as a cryptocurrency, the first of its kind. Bitcoin is managed through a digital wallet or Wallet, which is a mobile or desktop application that is downloaded at no cost. As it does not come from a bank, the Bitcoin originates through a mining process, which any user can perform with the necessary computer.

During the mining of Bitcoins, computers solve complex mathematical problems and every ten minutes, approximately, generate a new block of information, which equals 25 Bitcoins. As a reward for the miners, who contribute their computing power to create new blocks, they get some Bitcoins in exchange for the service.

Changing the world

In the changing world in which we live, the interest in cryptocurrencies has led to the existence of means of communication to be updated with the most fashionable topics. For example, there are magazines like digital Crypto-Economy, which has managed to position itself as an informative benchmark in relation to cryptocurrencies and digital stock markets.

In the new digital information media you can find quotes of virtual currencies, stock market movements and projects for new developments in the digital economy.

Without a doubt, Bitcoin is the currency that is changing the economic, stock market, communication and commercial world, in the digital field.

Bitcoin is the first crypto-based virtual currency, which has opened a new world of possibilities in global trading transactions. Despite having made its appearance in 2009, on May 17, 2010 the first payment was made with Bitcoins for the purchase of a good.

That day, Laszlo hanyecz bought two pizzas in the North American chain Papa john’s, where he paid 10,000 Bitcoins, which were worth US $ 0.003 at that time. Since then, the community that brings together those related to Bitcoin celebrates this fact every year.

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