Michelle Obama

Biography of Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is an American lawyer, administrator and writer. Born, like Michelle Robinson, on January 17, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

His father was Fraser Robinson and his mother, Marian Shields Smith. Has a brother: Craig Robinson, who is a basketball coach at the University of Oregon. His full name is Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama.

Michelle Robinson He grew up on the South Side of Chicago, in a humble neighborhood with a black majority, where he studied in public schools. From 1981 to 1985, Michelle lived in New Jersey while studying Sociology and African American Studies at the Princeton University.

From 1985 to 1988, through a college loan, he studied law at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Following your law graduation, Michelle began working at the Sidley & Austin Law Firm, in its Chicago headquarters, where later, he would meet Barack Obama.

At 25 years old, Michelle was tutor of Barack, while he was doing his internship, during the summer, at the firm where she worked. Before going back to college, Barack Obama invited out Michelle Robinson, initiating a romance that would end in marriage, on October 3, 1992.

As a result of this marriage, they have two daughters: Malia Ann, born in 1998 and Sasha, born in 2001.

In 1996, Michelle arrived at Chicago University, where she worked as Associate Dean of Student Services, implementing the first community service program of that institution. With a great concern for the social, Michelle it was fulfilling its objective of linking the university with the community.

Michelle with Barack and her daughters

He also worked in the Mayor of Chicago as Assistant Commissioner for Planning and Development, forming a youth preparation program for social service.

Michelle She was a successful professional before dedicating herself to her husband’s career.

First Lady of the United States

Although Michelle, at first, did not agree that Barack will run for president, because as a Senator from Illinois, Barack
He traveled a lot from Chicago to Washington.

In what they made the decision, in February 2007, Michelle She supported her husband in everything that was necessary for him to achieve what he set out to do: be President.

On November 4, 2008, Michelle and her husband Barack Obama they became the First Black Presidential Couple
in American history.

This is how the Obama family had to move from their native Chicago to Michelle
to Washington, DC. The Obamas had become the presidential family number 44.

Converted Michelle Obama in the First Lady of the United States, started a job that ended up offering him a huge platform of knowledge and contacts, something he would never have imagined.

It was like this Michelle started working in his new role as First lady, promoting the common good, health, education, culture and the arts.

Specifically, he dedicated himself to fighting childhood obesity, to make visible the importance of physical exercise, in addition to advocating for Women rights on an international level.

Michelle being the First Lady of the United States, stood out for promoting measures against obesity, as well as in favor of gender equality and education.

The First lady He was also distinguished by his elegance and good taste in dressing, supporting American designers and becoming an icon of fashion and pop culture.

Thus, Michelle She danced with TV host Jimmy Fallon, rapped with Missy Elliot, and modeled on the runway with basketball star LeBron James. These performances earned him Michelle, to be seen as one First lady close to people, with their own ideas, but willing to listen.

From a special sensitivity, it was said of Michelle that “humanized in many ways, the office of the First lady
and the President ”.

Michelle Obama She gained much prominence in the political arena when she promoted Hilary Clinton’s competitive presidential campaign in 2016. Unexpectedly, he accompanied her at public events, defended her and even attacked Hilary’s Republican rival, despite the strained relationship between the two women. .

What First lady, became a role model for women, raised awareness about poverty, education, nutrition, physical activity and healthy eating.

Michelle Obama was thus the First Lady of the United States from January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017.

Autobiography of Michelle Obama

On November 13, 2018, “My story”(Becoming), the autobiographical book of Michelle Obama, through Penguin Random House publisher.

The book quickly became a best-seller and one of the most popular, selling more than 1.4 million copies in its first week. Is autobiography It is made up of three chapters: “My story”, “Our story” and “The story continues” and does not skimp on intimate details.

In the 426 pages of this chronology, Michelle openly tells of her relationship with Barack, from the first date and the first kiss to the daily discussions.

The book reveals the fact that his daughters were conceived via in vitro fertilization and also that during a marital crisis they attended couples therapy. These intimate confessions of what was the presidential family number 44, converted to Michelle in a person close to Americans and the world.

The public identified with her experiences and appreciated even more a woman who has struggled, from the beginning, to achieve living according to her convictions. Consequently, in December 2018, the American people recognized Michelle Obama, as the “Most Admired Woman in America.”

The ex First lady She has been very active promoting her book and has filled large national and international stages during the publishing tour of her memoirs. And even though Michelle Obama He does not want to dedicate himself to politics, his legacy is undoubtedly political, because of the impact it has had.

To date, the Michelle Obama’s autobiography has sold more than 10 million copies.

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