The best Spanish series on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Today, platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime display an impressive catalog of series and movies from around the world.. Of course, the Spanish series could not miss this appointment, demonstrating why they have added so many viewers and fans to their ranks in recent years. So, if you do not know many of these excellent productions, we present you a small list with some of the best Spanish series that you must see.

If you are in front of your television without knowing what to select, we remind you that there is a completely different world of programs and series that can fulfill your television addict fantasies and that are also in Spanish. Productions that you definitely have to give a chance to and that you will surely end up hooked on.

Wait no more and become one of their fans

The best Spanish series can currently be found on various platforms worldwide, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, which are used by millions of viewers around the world and which bring together a large number of interesting and good quality programs. Among the most popular Spanish content that you can enjoy are:

Cable girls

This series produced by Netflix in Spanish lands, entitled Cable girls or las Chicas del cable is a period drama, whose story focuses on four women who work in a telecommunications company in Madrid.

Taking on the challenges faced by female workers in the 1920s, the program, the product of the inventiveness of Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira, put feminist problems on the table during its five seasons, doing stunts between melodramatic stories, idylls and political plots.


This luxurious Spanish production takes place in the 1950s and is set in the exquisite world of fashion that shares a space with the overwhelming love stories, a little old-fashioned but completely modern at the same time.

Ana, a humble seamstress played by Paula Echevarría, falls in love with Alberto, the handsome heir to her father’s fashion empire, a character played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre. Their romance held audiences captive for four seasons, even inspiring a spin-off, Velvet Collection, set in Barcelona.

The Money Heist

Money Heist as it is known among the English-speaking public, is really a Spanish series that caused a sensation in the world, known as La casa de papel. This Spanish drama by Álex Pina is an adventure that tells of a robbery perpetrated at the Royal Mint of Spain.

A peculiar group of anarchists in Dalí masks intend to print and steal 2.4 billion euros, but as the situation escalates, due to the presence of hostages, many interesting twists occur in the series.

The flashbacks develop the backstories of his robbery and his characters with code names, they definitely manage to penetrate Spanish society and of course, in each of the spectators. Each season of this series initially on Antena 3 and wisely acquired by Netflix, has kept intact the high-octane emotions that it unleashed in the first season.

Little coincidences

Shot in Madrid, it is the first original Spanish Prime Video series to opt for a light comedy. The story follows Marta, a wedding dress designer, and Javi, a food critic, who have a love of being single in common.

Both characters, each with their own unique style, enjoy being single, without ruling out the possibility of meeting their better half. Another aspect that they seem to have in common is their lack of interest in their offspring, they agree not to have children. It is definitely an interesting series that will make you spend very pleasant moments, with two seasons available on the Amazon Prime platform, waiting for the third and last in 2021.


This Spanish television production is based on the life of Queen Isabel I of Castile, also known as Isabel, the Catholic. The first season has thirteen episodes and spans from 1461 to 1474, where childhood is recounted, her wedding to Ferdinand the Catholic and the difficult journey to the throne of Castile that the sovereign had to face.

Prime Video also includes the other two seasons of this series that has received favorable reviews internationally and has been exported to almost one hundred countries. Michelle Jenner’s portrayal of the monarch is exceptional and has earned her multiple accolades and numerous fans.

White lines

White lines is a bilingual series that alternates between English and Spanish, the most recent work of the creator of La casa de papel, Álex Pina and whose plot, full of mystery, takes place on the well-known Spanish island of Ibiza. It consists so far of ten episodes that immerse you in a very old and gloomy case, still unsolved.

Axel Collins (Tom Rhys Harries), a DJ who made a name for himself on Ibiza’s club scene in the 1990s, has been found murdered and has yet to be done justice. At the beginning of the series, we meet Alex’s sister, Zoe Collins, played by Laura Haddock, who travels to Ibiza after a few years to find the truth about her brother’s sad end.

Vis a Vis or Locked Up

Vis a Vis debuted on television in 2017 and its plot centers on Macarena and her terrible experiences. Just imagine the situation, a woman who falls in love with her manipulative boss, commits various crimes because of him, and is put in jail. It is not necessary to say the different experiences that she has to face during her confinement in a prison, accompanied by the other inmates she knows.

It is a series starring Maggie Civantos and a great cast that includes Alba Flores, the famous Nairobi from La casa de papel. The series chosen by Netflix, aroused public interest and became an international success for four seasons. Although it is unlikely that it will get a fifth season, a spin-off was announced: Vis a vis: the oasis, which they describe as the last showdown.

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