The best series and movies based on books by Stephen King

Today, the name Stephen King is synonymous with terror. His books are great exponents of this literary genre and his surname can be placed next to that of Poe, Lovecraft or Stoker as one of the greatest authors of fear in world literature. The secret of its success is a simple, entertaining prose and characters crossed by very contemporary problems.

Precisely for this reason, he is one of the authors with the largest number of works adapted to the big screen. In recent years, some of his best writing has been transformed into very high-quality Hollywood movies. They have even recorded series that recreate their works and that continue to bring King’s nightmares into the home.

Top of the best series

Therefore, we bring you a collection of the best movies and series based on Stephen King books. All of them have great casts, excellent scripts and good directors, but, above all, they have the power to present you with the evil and horror of the North American author’s Dantesque visions.

The order in which the best series and films based on Stephen King books are described is arbitrary and only represents the preferences of the person who writes these lines.

Pet Cemetery (2019)

The most recent adaptation of the novel Pet Sementary is a work worthy of a place on this list. Its directors Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer did an excellent job capturing the wickedness of the atmosphere of the cursed cemetery and the protagonist’s desperation to protect his family by any means.

The story revolves around the Creed family. The father, Louis, gets a job at the University of Maine hospital and moves there, accompanied by his wife Rachel and their children Ellie and Gage. The house is surrounded by an extensive and mysterious forest, but everything seems to be going well.

The situation changes when Ellie’s cat dies and Louis Creed hears about a very particular nearby cemetery. Apparently, those who are buried in that cemetery revive. Somehow, the magical land of the place makes death turn backwards. However, his neighbor Jud, who tells him the story, says they don’t come back exactly the same.

In this story King tried to address the subject of death and how human beings cling to what we love, even to the point of hurting ourselves. The movie lives up to the book and is genuinely chilling.

The dome

This series of the American television of CBS consists of three seasons and has among its producers Steven Spielberg. In addition, it has a wide cast of quite solvent stars on the small screen, starting with its protagonist Mike Vogel. An entertaining science fiction story to get you hooked from the first chapter.

The story places us in a town in Maine, where each of the people are engaged in their own particular dramas. However, circumstances change when the entire town is under a force field that traps them and completely isolates them from the outside world.

That’s when the real drama begins. Caged like laboratory animals, the inhabitants of that town must manage to survive and try to discover what happened. Some fall into despair, others take advantage of panic, it is a story about how fragile the supposed sanity of our civilized societies can be.

It (1 and 2)

One of Stephen King’s best-known and best-selling novels was worth more than one movie. This time, two terrifying productions that tell the story of a group of people facing the cosmic monster in 1000 ways that prefers to adopt the avatar of the clown Pennywise to get around.

What is that? Where did it come from? Why does it attack children precisely? All these questions are masterfully resolved in a script that adapts perfectly to the big screen, without ever betraying the original work of the American writer. Both films are produced by the Warner Bros. Pictures studio and have an excellent cast.

The first movie places us at a time in the 80s. A young man named Bill is locked up at home, while the rain falls outside his room. His younger brother asks him to make a paper boat for him to play in the rain, he agrees and the boy leaves with his new toy. However, in the sewers of the city “it” is moving and traps Bill’s brother. The little one never comes home.

Bill and his friends soon discover that there is something strange going on in their town. For some reason, every once in a while the infants disappear and no one does anything about it. They all think they know what is happening, because they have observed a particular evil force that can change shape and is chasing them. So, with tremendous courage, they pretend to face it.

The glow

A psychological horror film from the year 1980, but still generating something to talk about and becoming one of the most brilliant pieces in the genre. This is why it is a must-see for fans of disturbing good stories.

Behind this masterpiece is the cohabitation and collaboration of two horror geniuses: Stephen King, as the author of the novel that inspired the film, and Stanley Kubrick as director of this great production. The main cast is made up of Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall and Danny Lloyd.

The whole plot of this feature film begins when the Torrence family moves to the Overloock Hotel. The father, Jack Torrence, is a former inveterate alcoholic and frustrated writer with anger issues. Upon becoming unemployed, he must accept a position guarding that building in winter.

The Overloock Hotel is an old building, quite luxurious and with incredible views of the Colorado mountains. However, in winter it is isolated as a result of heavy snowfall.

Jack’s son Danny has the ability that some in the novel refer to as Shining. You have premonitions, you can hear other people’s thoughts, and you even know how they feel without asking. Also, get a feel for what happened in the past at this hotel.

Doctor Sleep

Sequel to the Shining, released in 2019. The story revolves around the adult life of Danny Torrence and his efforts to use his shining for good. Fleeing the ghosts of his past, the specters of the Overloock Hotel and the experiences he had with his father.

The film tells us how Danny must protect Abra Stone, a girl who also has the Shining, from a sect called The True Knot.. The members of this group travel the United States looking for special boys to assassinate them and take over their essence. With this spiritual substance they can prolong their own lives.

The old scared little Overloock discovers that many of the terrifying creatures of his childhood are weak, when compared to this group of ruthless vampires who only want to feed themselves and who are not afraid to use the resources at their disposal to obtain their mission.

The adolescent Abra Stone, on the other hand, is a girl gifted with extraordinary abilities. Much more powerful than Danny was at the time and that is why the members of the Knot seek her so hard. They believe that the girl’s radiance will nourish them for years.

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