The best experience playing with PS4 is obtained with good headphones

The PlayStation 4 is currently the most popular video game console. Video game lovers have wonders about the Playstation 4 console, as it has the most realistic, addictive and innovative games available today. But the immersive experience of this game console is much less if the player does not use good headphones to enter the virtual worlds offered by the Sony device.

The gaming experience is much more complete using any of the headphone models that are recommended on, a website specialized in news, news of interest and PS4 games.

Characteristics that the best headphones for PS4 must have

When choosing a headset to play with the console it is important to take into account several considerations:

  • Headphones must have been specifically designed for the PS4. This guarantees that they will be fully compatible with the games on the console and that they will take advantage of all the listening possibilities they offer, providing a much more realistic experience.
  • It is as important to hear as to be heard. Since many of the most popular games today and with the largest number of followers are online, it is essential that the headphones allow the user to be heard perfectly but also to be heard clearly by the rest of the players.
  • Noise reduction technology. An interesting quality of the most modern headphones is the noise reduction technology. If you can afford the financial outlay, this technology is ideal if you are looking for greater concentration in the game. It consists of reducing external noises, by means of waves emitted by the device itself, which counteract those coming from outside.
  • Semi-open headphones. Most players or gamers opt for semi-open headphones over closed or open ones. The closed ones are not the most suitable for long sessions as they can exhaust the ear while the open ones tend to be distracting with external discomfort. Thus, semi-open headphones¬†are considered the most comfortable.
  • They must bring a microphone. It is a fundamental complement for any player who boasts of being one. The microphone is essential in the online game, either to give orders or communicate with colleagues. These microphones must have anti-pop foam and must be modular, to be disassembled if necessary.

Sony’s official headphones

Sony has some official headphones that are recommended by the Play Awards experts: they are the Sony Playstation Wireless Stereo 7.1. Its price is not high and they include 3D sound.

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