The 6 best must-see Netflix series

If you’re looking for a super series to watch, Netflix is ​​the best place to look. The popular online entertainment platform not only has hundreds (if not thousands) of television shows, but is also the producer of many of the series it offers. There are endless lists of best Netflix series. Given the huge variety of content offered by the platform, and to avoid wasting time deciding which series to watch, we made a list of the 6 best Netflix series essential.

We know, surely you have already seen most of these titles, but if there is only one that you have not seen, we are content to know that we have been able to help you spend a few hours of fun in front of your tv, laptop, tablet or even , smartphone.

Best Netflix series: House of Cards

House of Cards is the undisputed star of Netflix, a masterful original series fully funded by the entertainment platform. The result is an exciting and haunting look at the world of politics, through the eyes of Frank Underwood, a relentless manipulative individual determined to rise to the top at any cost. Kevin Spacey offers one of his best performances.

With five seasons already under its belt, House of Cards will remain on your screen for hours. If political intrigue and sinister plans appeal to you, this Netflix original series will captivate you. We look forward to the sixth season for this year.

Best Netflix series: Stranger things

Stranger Things is a series that everyone talks about, and with good reason. The highly anticipated season 2 was released in October. This gem of science fiction and horror It has only received rave reviews for its captivating plot and acting.

The paranormal activities From unexplained disappearances and disturbing government experiences, this is all just a glimpse of what Stranger Things has to offer. This Netflix original series has quickly become one of the favorite series of the public, especially those who love the incredible suspense of these 40 minute episodes. Added to this are the masterful performances of veterans such as Winona ryder and David Harbor, as well as rising stars (like Finn Wolfhard).

Best Netflix series: Narcos

Narcos is one of the best police dramas on the small screen. Based on the rise to power of Pablo Escobar, who becomes one of the greatest criminals in the world, this series never disappoints. Controversial, cold and charismaticNarcos is a Netflix original series that will remain in the annals. The third season came out a few months ago and the fourth is on the way. The stories of the Medellín cartel, drug trafficking and the battle against the DEA are far from over.

Best Netflix series: Ozark

Ozark has it all, one captivating story full of intense dramas and characters in an extreme situation. Marty Byrde, who launders money for the Mexican mafia, is forced to move to Los Ozarks lakes in Missouri to save his life and his family.

With only one season, Ozark is like a new toy for kings, but it has already become a classic for many people. Time flies watching this series, and amazing performances by Patrick Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz and Julia Garner, will make the world disappear around you as you immerse yourself in the dangerous beauty of the Ozarks.

Best Netflix series: Orange Is the New Black

If you like a bit of comedy in your dramas, OITNB is a Netflix original series that you will love. Based on the memories of Piper Kerman Arrested for money laundering and drug trafficking in the 1990s, the series continues her life behind bars in a minimum security prison.

What starts out as a comedy full of embarrassing situations quickly turns into a serious portrait of the problems that inmates face on a daily basis, such as racial tensions and a dysfunctional system.

Orange Is the New Black finds the delicate balance between comedy and drama, and this makes this series one of the best on Netflix. It competes with House of Cards in terms of popularity, and if you chain too fast 65 episodes and 5 seasonsDon’t worry, two more seasons are planned!

Best Netflix series: Master of None

A refreshing and relevant drama It’s not easy to find. That is why Master of None has impressed many of us. The creators are Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari. Master of None follows Dev Shah, a 30-year-old aspiring actor who tries to make his way through the crowded streets of New York.

As the title suggests, Dev plays everything like a dilettante, fixing nothing, as seen in all 10 episodes of season 1. Season 2 was released last May, and it’s even more interesting. There are many great moments in Master of None, and you can see Dev’s best and worst in every aspect of her life. It shows us a deeply personal backstory that will make you love the characters. If you like smart comedies, don’t miss this Netflix original series.

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