The best horror movies you can watch on Netflix

Fear is a natural reaction of the nervous system to a real or supposed threat from the outside, it triggers a series of chemical processes that affect neurons and transform their functioning. Somehow, the senses become sharp and sweating increases. In this article let’s talk about horror movies on Netflix.

Since humanity began its bustle in the world, it has experienced fear. However, our species has the quality of thinking and recreating situations to scare itself. So far, it is not proven that any other creature can do that. This ability has made us addicted to the feeling of fear and, therefore, to horror stories that scare us.

Best horror movies on Netflix

Well, the old stories told around the bonfires have given way to scary films. However, the next big innovation was streaming platforms. Now we can watch a great movie without leaving the comfort of our home. Therefore, here we bring you a list of the best horror movies on Netflix. So that you die of fright!

Warren File: The Conjuring

We start with a supernatural horror movie and curses of a demonic nature. A very typical theme of the genre, but treated in a solvent way. The production was directed by James Wan, a promising director of this particular type of cinema, whom we will surely see again later. The leading roles are played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

The story begins in the 1970s, when a humble family acquired a rural house and moved there. The family nucleus is made up of a father, his wife and the five daughters of the marriage. At first, everything seems very idyllic. However, their pet dog refuses to enter the new home.

The next morning paranormal things start to happen. The clocks in the residence stop at a particular time, strange sounds are heard and one of the girls in the family begins to exhibit unusual behavior. Therefore, they decide to ask the Warrens for help.

Ed and Lorraine Warren are a marriage of parapsychologists, specialized in demonology. When they hear the story of the terrified family they decide to go investigate and thus check whether or not there are evil forces at work in the house.

This movie is based on a true story. The real Warren couple had to work on a case, which served as inspiration for the events seen in the film. Mrs. Lorraine Warren passed away after the premiere, and until her death she was able to attest to the terrible things they experienced and appreciated on that occasion.

Emily Rose’s exorcism

A story about a demon possession case. The very idea of ​​being subjected to a strange force and not having control over our body is already chilling enough, now we can add some intense special effects and excellent direction. The nightmare is served!

The plot tries to recreate the case of Anneliese Michel, a young German woman who died after months of being attacked and dominated by a multitude of supposed demons. Until now, it is not known exactly what caused the physical deterioration of this girl, it is only understood that it was harder than her and that it caused her intense agony.

The film places us on the side of a lawyer, who must defend the priest in charge of carrying out the exorcism on which the girl died. She must prove that the father acted in good faith and with the full belief that his actions were helping. In addition, try to rule out that the young woman had a brain disease or that she had a neuronal disorder.

The trial progresses and the lawyer, initially skeptical, is learning more and more about the history of demonic possession. At the same time, she begins to experience unheard of and mysterious situations that make her doubt her initial disbelief.

This North American production puts us in front of an interesting and controversial question: absolute evil. Does the devil really exist? Anneliese Michel’s account was the cornerstone in developing this entire plot and is one of the most disturbing cases of possession on record.


Now we leave the paranormal genre for a moment and we enter the terror that the perversity of the human being inspires in us. Are not people capable of terrible displays of cruelty? Well, this production exploits that possibility to the greatest limits.

As director of this film we also have actor Eli Roth. Collaborating with him was the genius of blood and the classic western Quentin Tarantino. For something this film is considered one of the best exponents of gore because it shows an abnormal amount of grotesque and grotesque scenes. Nothing suitable for sensitive stomachs.

The story begins with two young backpackers who are touring Europe. In Amsterdam they meet a third boy, an Icelander who decides to accompany them. Then, in the middle of a party, the three of them make friends with a mysterious person. That stranger advises them to go to Slovakia, saying that in that country they can meet beautiful women and have sex with them.

The three boys undertake a trip to Eastern Europe and arrive at the site. They immediately meet two slender women and are lucky in love with them. However, things start to go wrong when one of the boys in the group gets lost and they understand that they have fallen into a trap. There the horror begins!


Another award-winning work by James Wan, now starring Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, and Barbara Hershey. Here we re-enter a story about paranormal beings, vengeful spirits, and sinister apparitions. James Wan’s favorite terrain.

This film shows a married couple, whose son begins to observe disturbing presences in his dreams. However, they decide to ignore it considering that it is a typical case of childhood nightmares. However, everything changes when the boy does not wake up one morning. They take him to the hospital, where they are informed that the boy is in a coma for unknown reasons.

After several months, the little one is taken home, still in a coma. Meanwhile, the mother begins to suspect that something supernatural is happening with her son. He has recurring nightmares, in which he perceives dark shapes around the child’s bed.

At that moment he decides to contact a seer, who states that the young man’s spirit is lost in spiritual limbo and that they must bring him back soon. Apparently, various evil spirits want to take over the boy’s empty body.


A Spanish film has the opportunity to position itself among the best of the horror genre on Netflix. The production in question was directed by Paco Plaza and stars the young actress Sandra Escacena. This work is based on real events and, therefore, promises to develop a credible and very disturbing narrative.

The story begins in Vallecas, Madrid, in the 90s. A teenage girl must take care of her younger siblings, while trying to continue with her daily activities. His mother works in a local bar and comes home just to sleep. The girl’s father is dead.

The girl, named Veronica, decides to contact her father’s spirit in a ouija session. She meets two friends in the basement of their school and they begin to use the table. However, something goes wrong and Veronica is attacked by an unknown force. Later she falls unconscious, waking up in the hospital.

From there the strange events begin. An evil presence accompanies Veronica and threatens her brothers. Something terrible was summoned while they were using the ouija board. Veronica desperately tries to find out what happens to save herself and protect those who matter to her.

The events of the film attempt to recreate the Vallecas File, one of the most famous cases related to the use of Ouija boards. In addition, this episode had a complicated outcome, which is why the Spanish police intervened. All of this appears in the film.

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