The best computers to play EVERYTHING this 2021

A gamer must have a good computer, if he wants to have the possibility of being able to access any type of game. For this reason, it may be convenient to contemplate the idea of ​​acquiring a computer by parts that configures the ideal device for our needs.

In order to resolve any doubts, Next, we make a compilation of the best pieces that a gaming pc desktop to be able to play any game this 2021.


To check the capacity of a CPU we must take into account both the frequency and the number of cores. In this way, the frequency is related to the number of operations that a single CPU core can perform in a matter of one second, while the number of cores refers to the number of physical cores that exist inside a CPU; From this number we can calculate the number of simultaneous actions that we can carry out.

In this sense, it is important to know that most games do not use more than four cores and, in fact, most of them only use one or two cores. For this reason, it will be more important to pay attention to the frequency than to the number of cores.

Graphic card

The graphics card is one of the most important elements of any gaming pc. Therefore, it is best to buy the most powerful card possible, although this choice varies depending on certain factors. In this way, When choosing the graphics card, we must think about the resolution at which we play, the type of games we use or the performance of the rest of the components, among other issues.

What’s more, the selection of the graphics card must go in combination with the processor, that is, it is of little use to have a very powerful graphics card if the processor is not up to par. Likewise, to have an adequate gaming pc, we must also pay attention to the number and type of connectors that the graphics card has.


Usually an 8GB RAM would suffice. However, tTaking into account the price of RAM memories, it is advisable to purchase a 16GB memory, to guarantee the proper functioning of the gaming pc for longer. You have to think that the price of these cards is usually around 150 euros.


Although it goes very unnoticed, the motherboard is another of the fundamental pieces of a gaming computer. With everything, This is the base on which future updates will be based on which the survival of our device will depend.. In this sense, it may be interesting to consider the possibility of acquiring a motherboard that guarantees that, in the future, you will be able to install a second graphics card.


In some cases, we will need an additional cooling system to the one that has, as standard, the CPU. This will depend, above all, on the type of CPU we have and if we are going to overclock. In any case, the most common is that the lithography of the current CPUs allows a higher performance and a lower consumption, which results in a higher power per watt.

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