Best Capsule Hotels in Japan

Japanese culture is usually very interesting for those who grow up in Western culture. They are innovative, practical and… a bit eccentric, it must be said. Prepare for the encounter with a totally different culture and try to prove everything. And yet we are not referring simply to Japanese cuisine, but also to different accommodation options.

The capsule hotels they are definitely an extravagant proposition for tourists. In them, the beds are located inside capsules made of plastic or fiberglass that barely have the necessary space for the bed and little else. They have a TV and Wi-Fi connection, and guests can use the toilets outside the capsule. Let’s see what the best options are available.

In tokyo

It is the capital of the Japanese country, where it is clearly possible to enjoy all its tourist attractions. The following are the most popular capsule hotels:

Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Shinjuku

This hotel is located in the center of Tokyo, very close to JR Shinjiku station. It has well-equipped facilities for a relaxing stay: sauna room, whirlpool and massage chairs. They welcome you with a green tea and from there you can visit the Shinjuku Gyoen garden.

First Cabin Akihabara

In the Akibahara neighborhood, very close to the station, is the First Cabin Akibahara. Here, the capsules have the bed, a TV with headphones so as not to disturb the neighbors, and a small safe. There are common spaces where visitors can share and relax.

Green Plaza Shinjuku

This capsule hotel is luxurious. It has saunas, hot springs, offers massages, common rest areas and even a restaurant. The capsules for men are separated from those for women, and in the women’s wing, the girls will have everything they need to pamper themselves a bit.

Centurion Cabin & Spa Akasaka

It is a exclusive structure for women. It has all the comforts for the girls to relax and indulge themselves: saunas, massages, free drinks and a designer bathroom. It is located very close to Akasaka-mitsuke station.

In Osaka

This city is not only an important nucleus for the country’s economy, but also a tourist destination for many visitors and passionate about Japanese culture. There are also several capsule hotels there, including the Shell Nell Namba, the Capsule Hotel Astil Dotonbori and…

Capsule Inn Osaka

What is it, nothing more and nothing less, the world’s first capsule hotel. It is exclusively for older men and is relatively close to Umeda and Osaka stations. It has facilities to relax and you can hire breakfast in the service package.

Osaka Hokko Marina Resort Guesthouse

It is an exclusive establishment for women that, however, offers a particular advantage to mothers: their children up to 9 years of age can stay for free. It is located near the marina, so it is great for those who visit the city to participate or follow a competition.

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