The best alternatives to GameTorrents to download free and paid games

Games have become one of the most common forms of entertainment worldwide. It is an industry that has experienced considerable growth in recent years and in which everything indicates that it will continue to grow. Today there are a large number of consoles available on the market, although there are also many games for PC and mobile phones.

For a long time the games could only be obtained by buying a CD or a “cartridge”, however, now it is possible to download them directly from the internet, on many platforms, many of them free. GameTorrents It is one of these platforms, in which you can download games for different consoles completely through Torrents. However, being a torrent website there is always the risk that it will fall or be eliminated as a result of pressure and sanctions for violating copyright, so we have prepared a list with the best alternatives to Game Torrents to download games, some of them are similar, while others are paid.

Best alternatives to GameTorrents to download games

It is not always easy to choose which is the best alternative for our case, so here we show you which are the best options at your disposal to download the best games.


If you are one of the people who prefer to play from your computer rather than from a console, surely the name of Steam It will sound very familiar to you. This is a platform where you have access to thousands of games ranging from the most popular of the moment, to lesser-known titles. Some of these games are free, while for others you may have to pay a little. On this platform you have the option of creating an account with which you can access many benefits.

The pirate bay

The pirate bay It is a platform for downloading files through Torrents, although its specialty is not video games, it is possible to find many and for different consoles. All the content on this web portal is completely free, and although you have faced legal problems on more than one occasion, it seems that you manage to get rid of them very easily. Its design is friendly and easy to handle, you can use its search engine to easily find what you want.

No need to create an account or sign up to download content on The Pirate Bay, just search and select. It is possible that during the download process we will come across a few advertisements, which is quite normal, since, being free content, the page profits from the advertising.


Next we have Origin, a platform a little different from the rest, where we will not only have access to a large catalog of games in its full version, but we will also have the opportunity to create an account and interact with other members of this community through chats and video calls, something that is not common in this type of pages. It is quite nice to have the opportunity to chat and exchange information with people who have similar tastes.


Actually Gazellegames It is at the top of the game download pages, being one of the most popular among Internet users. After spending a decade in operation to date, it has accumulated more than 65,000 torrent files and more than 14,000 active users, making it one of the largest and most popular communities of its kind. It is important to note that it is not easy to be a member of this community, since you must go through certain filters.


If you like GameTorrents, on this page you will feel at home, as it is very similar both aesthetically and functionally. All games are downloaded through Torrents and are cataloged according to their platform. You will find a varied, complete and very safe catalog of games, as the team of DownloadGamesTorrents has done a thorough job of curing, leaving the best and newest. So it is very likely that here you will find the most popular games and some classics for free.


As in the case of The Pirate Bay, RARBG It is not a page specialized in games, but in torrent files, however, it has a fairly extensive and interesting games section, so we can consider it as a very good alternative to download games for free. The native language of this page is English, so most of the games that we are going to come across here are in that language, but this is surely not a big inconvenience for many people. Another very interesting aspect regarding this web portal is that, unlike other download sites, the download link is located at the top of each file and not as we see on other pages, which is located until the end of the description. which can save the user some time.

FitGirls Repacks

Another alternative to download games that is very interesting, especially for PC gamers, is FitGirls Repacks. A portal dedicated to uploading games for all consoles, adapted to play on a computer. All the games come in a compressed file, mostly cracked and sometimes they even include a language selector, which makes it one of the best websites to download games, especially for heavier games.

The games are arranged in alphabetical order, to make it easier for users to search. In its forum some errors have been reported in the installation of these games, but apparently it is not due to errors of the page, but to the lack of experience of the users.

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