Best 144hz monitors: what they are, what they are for and where to buy them

Looking for a gaming monitor high quality? Until a few years ago, buying specialized monitors was a really difficult task, since there was very little variety, but the evolution of technology has allowed the rise of a large number of brands and models from which we can choose.

What is a 144hz monitor, what are they for, what are their characteristics and where we can buy them are some of the questions that we will try to answer in the following lines.

What are 144 Hz monitors?

It is a screen that offers a fluid image for computer games, since it manages to process up to twice as much FPS.

They can show up to 144 frames per second and differentiates them directly from 60Hz monitors. For professional gamers, it can mean a comparable improvement with day and night.

They serve primarily to get ismoother images in computer games, which is why they are mainly destined for the market of professional players video game or for those amateurs with a taste for technology, and who prefer to enjoy a rewarding gaming experience in every sense.

What aspects should we consider when buying 144 Hz monitors?

Before purchasing a 144Hz monitor, you need to consider a series of aspects that will affect its functionality and the quality of the expected final result.

Screen type

TN is he best known model and fundamental among LCD screens and will provide us an image quality and a quite poor viewing angle. However, its refresh rate is 144 Hz, which is superior to the sensation offered by the IPS screens, They offer a much better viewing angle and color, but the game will feel less snappy.

Support and connectivity

The monitor support must be adjustable for comfort, especially considering that they usually spend many hours in front of the computer. When it comes to connectivity, we must ensure a good number of ports HDMI.


Monitors that incorporate this feature better handle the bright and dark parts of images, improving color depth and that means they are you will enjoy a better quality of details, especially in r4K resolutions.

Where can you buy a 144 Hz monitor?

There is a wide variety of makes and models of this class of monitors on the market. They all meet available in specialized stores and through online stores.

Using a website specialized in reviews of 144 Hz monitors for gamers, you can purchase any of the top and best-selling models of the year, as well as having a huge assortment of accessories and everything related to this class of monitors.

The place will help you find all the needed information to make a safe purchase, together with professional recommendations so that you acquire the equipment that is best adapt to your needs and budget.

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