Beastars Season 2 Coming to Netflix Mid-Year

The famous manga series, created by Paru Itagaki, announced its next installment, yes the second season of Beastars is very close. This production was initially published in September 2016. Year from which the work was growing in constant popularity.

Originally, the compilation volumes were seen in Shūkan Shōnen Champion magazine, until October 2020.

Of all these, the most amazing thing is that it was adapted to become an anime. This featured a first season consisting of 12 chapters and now… We have a second season!

Therefore, here we will provide you with a few details of what is to come. Are you ready? Don’t miss a thing!

The Beastars plot

If you are one of those who have not seen Beastars yet, we recommend taking some time to do so. But do not worry, if you are still not convinced, we will give you a basic summary so you know what it is about.

The universe of, this now anime, tells us that there is a society where anthropomorphic animals coexist. Thus, they lead normal lives in a world created exclusively for them.

Of course, as in any society we will see typical institutions, such as those of study. It is in this way that we will meet the characters of the Cherryton Academy, especially Legoshi. Which turns out to be a huge wolf that despite being a carnivore, is totally friendly and sensitive.

However, that is not the only uncommon event (compared to reality, of course) that will lead to the development of Beastars. And it is that a specific event will unleash doubts in the community, regarding their ways of life and coexistence.

What’s New in Beastars Season 2

With Orange producing this new season, just as it did in the first, expectations are very high. In addition, it is obvious that we want to continue being part of this peculiar and addictive story.

And now with the trailer revealed on the Netflix YouTube channel, exclusive for their animes … The excitement increases!

  • On November 5 of last year, the preview of the new season was published, indicating that we will see new beasts, never seen before. In addition to a lot of mystery and suspense.
  • The opening theme song ‘Kaibutsu’ is performed by the J-pop duo Yoasobi.
  • We see that Legoshi continues to fight against the events that occur in his society due to his nature.
  • Two new voice actors will arrive. Taiten Kusunoki, will play Ibuki, Subaru Kimura, will play Free.

The most anticipated date for anime fans

The second season of Beastars will premiere on the Netflix streaming platform in mid-2021. The big day is expected to arrive in July.

And we cannot stop saying that the public had an extraordinary receptivity to the first installment. So much so, which is the reason why Netflix now has distribution rights and this is in its catalog. Since, at first the chapters were broadcast by Fuji TV in Japan.

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