Basic Guide to Travel to the United States of America

The U.S They are full of natural wonders, parks, monuments and museums worth visiting. Many of its large cities are among the most important centers in the contemporary world and are essential stops for lovers of shopping, fast food and amusement parks. However, as before taking the flight to any new country, it is good to obtain practical information about what we need to know to enter and to move around it.

Legal requirements to enter the US

Entry into the United States is strictly regulated and immigration controls will require all visitors to show their valid documents. All citizens entering the territory by land, sea or air must have a valid passport, including US citizens.

Citizens of other countries require a visa to enter for tourist, work, business reasons to enter the territory and must process them before the consular authorities in their respective countries. Only 36 countries, participants of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), are exempt from applying for a visa for stays of less than 90 days, but they must also have the ESTA module approved.

US Health System

The United States has a complex health system that has public and private programs, focused on a rational investment, limited, but that ensures access to health for disadvantaged people. However, in the case of tourists, it is better have a travel insurance policy that can be used to attend any emergency without having to bear medical expenses in such a high-level system.

US climate

The USA covers a huge territory, so the climate depends a lot on the destination city. In the west, the climate is warmer and rainier, while to the east, there are more winds. Towards the center of the country, the terrain is arid, while to the north, snowy landscapes and cold are frequent. Ideally, consult this information once the city of interest has been selected.

Restaurants in the USA

The United States has a very varied gastronomic offer, for all tastes and for all budgets. Fast food chains are very popular with the population, they sell hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, fried foods and ethnic specialties. In addition, many restaurants have self-services, bar services and tables, to adjust to the demands of all tourists.

As for bars, there are all kinds. The most popular social drink is beer, but the variety of venues ranges from typical English-style pubs, to cocktail lounges, cafes, and again themed and ethnic venues.


In restaurants, but also in any direct service such as a taxi, the cost for the service is not included in the bill and a fee is expected. tip of the client who is around 15% of the total amount of the invoice.

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