Audiovisual production for virtual reality

The virtual reality (VR) has allowed audiovisual productions to be taken to a new dimension, completely revolutionizing the entertainment and advertising industries. Now, companies can create television spots, corporate videos and product presentations using special cameras to generate an immersive experience.

In this way, it is possible to create audiovisual products that surprise the viewer, which are in high demand within digital marketing. Audiovisual production companies are aware of these developments, so they begin to use state-of-the-art recording and editing equipment to offer an experience that pleasantly surprises their customers.

What is virtual reality?

It involves creating a digital environment in video format, with real-looking objects with which the viewer can interact in different ways through special lenses. In this way, the viewer has the feeling of be inside the video, forming part of the environment that has been created with an impressive level of realism.

These audiovisual productions are achieved with the use of cameras, gimbals, drones and sophisticated post-production equipment, as well as powerful editing software that allows to stabilize images, improve the quality of colors and generate a surprising experience for the viewer, which you will enjoy the content through viewers that integrate all the elements.

Audiovisual production companies such as Texel, take advantage of this technology to produce a sensation of immersion in the viewer, which can be used for the creation of corporate videos, product videos, advertising spots, interviews and event videos, meeting the needs of various sectors such as universities and service companies.

Usefulness and advantages of immersive corporate video

Virtual reality has developed with potential in recent years and industries such as video games have been able to take advantage of the trend. However, it is the companies that have a good opportunity in their hands to take advantage of virtual reality as a form of effective advertising, through immersive corporate video.

In an information-saturated environment, competing for consumer attention has become a difficult task. For that reason we can see how the videos in the ads are getting shorter, but they try to generate a greater impact. Videos that incorporate virtual reality are eye-catching and much more impactful for audiences of all ages.

Immersive corporate video, recorded with stereoscopic cameras with a wide field of vision, when viewed through special viewers such as Oculus glasses or the HTC Vive viewfinder, transport consumers to a different reality, increasing the degree of closeness, promoting interaction and in general, causing a greater impact due to their level of realism.

All this is useful for product demonstrations, trainings, trade shows, events, trade visits made by service providers. We can even see how this technology is having an impact on medicine, education and even the food industry.

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