Artificial Intelligence: Increasingly Present

The advancement of technology With the passing of the days it is something that has defined in its entirety XXI century. Since the beginning of this millennium, countless new technologies They have entered the market, have been adapted to each person due to their versatility, and have been adopted all over the world. This happens because they represent an improvement or an extra help to do routine activities.

From radios, televisions, cars, computers and cell phones; it is impossible to deny that technology is part of today’s society and that plays an important role in their development and interaction, since it is used as a means of connection with the virtual world.

Thanks to the technological innovations technology may now have passed the breaking point fiction and reality; you may have your own “thoughts” and have understanding capacity over the world today.

How? Well, through the artificial intelligence of the systemswhether or not they are connected to smart machines.

What is artificial intelligence?

The artificial intelligence (commonly abbreviated as AI in Spanish and AI in English, both for its acronym) is a set of processes by which machines or systems can learn from human behavior through interaction of these with their parts and pieces.

The artificial intelligence systems they collect this user interaction information and begin to “sew” or shape it using their own knowledge in the same way that a human brain I would: through experiences past.

For this, the machines or systems that have artificial intelligence
they had to start their interactions with the help of their creators, directly or indirectly.

An example of this is the famous robot sophia, who had in his memory a number of basic information that was transferred to you so that he could have a base from which to build his interactions before he came to life and had thoughts of his own.

We can say that Sophia The Robot has already developed her own personality because its algorithm has consistently learned from its experiences with other humans, analyzing them and spinning their behaviors to have stored responses.

The purpose of it is to show that technological development has no limits and that innovations can learn from their creators. However, this is just one example of use of artificial intelligence; It is the most fanciful that has been seen millions of times on film and television screens.

The beginnings of artificial intelligence and its history is quite curious because, although today it can be used for what it was planned from the beginning, its use today has taken its own slope, like the example of Sophia.

History and origins

In 1936 Alan Turing, a British mathematician, developed a machine with the technology of the time in which his system could make complete calculations as if they had already been defined by someone; a kind of calculator that accepted changes in its values ​​to adapt to various cases.

This led him to write the book Computing Machinery and Intelligence in 1950 where he described his invention and the term “artificial intelligence” began to creep into society.

The fact that a machine was capable of performing by itself an action that had a high difficulty for people was incredible for the time. But It was not until the 90s when artificial intelligence would begin to expand with the world.

The computational capacity of machines and computers was older, so the systems had greater development opportunity. There were thousands of technology companies those who invested in the algorithm development to better understand its users and society itself.

Y the first firm step that artificial intelligence gave was done through a friendly game of chess. A IBM DeepBlue he played a game of chess with the world champion of the moment, Gary Kasparov, in which the computer was the winner. Artificial intelligence beat human intelligence.

This he did after analyzing hundreds and hundreds of chess games, studying each and every one of the possible movements of the pieces, creating an algorithm in her capable of predicting the plays and acting in a way that favors her.

Use of artificial intelligence today

As expressed in Mitica Technology, in the artificial intelligence is currently used in almost every field of work because it presents amazing benefits that improve work, the development of activities and the interaction between various parties. But they also serve as personal assistants of the digital world.

From medicine, finance, education, design and even activities at home, artificial intelligence has escalated in such a way that it is now part of the everyday life of society.

AI for personal use

  • Siri / Alexa / Cortana: are able to store user information and data and learn from their tastes and preferences to act automatically and respond to specific stimuli. Its presence is multiple: the same system on several devices. The movie Her represents him.
  • Facial recognition: systems use facial recognition as a way to identify people’s traits for different reasons, from unlocking devices to using filters, such as social media interfaces do.
  • Applications / extensions: many are the applications and extensions of the different internet browsers that save the user preferences and that they begin their activity with defined actions.

An example is AdBlockers, or wizards that save passwords.

AI in labor fields

  • Medicine: There are many machines that with the necessary information can give diagnoses with an accuracy of up to 83%. There are also several apps that track symptoms to indicate patient improvements.
  • Education: education systems have turned to artificial intelligence to track student progress and recommend lessons where they need more practice. Is a feedback process that has helped thousands of students.
  • Industrial: The robots that are in charge of the manufacture of the products use this technology to establish their parameters and those in charge of their manipulation can verify their work. In this way the productivity of the factories is increased and the quality and performance of their products is improved.

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