Ark Survival Evolved: tips to survive among dinosaurs

Ark Survival Evolved has become one of the most popular games in recent years, set in prehistoric times. This game presents us with the enormous challenge of surviving a great variety of dangers, especially when facing a fearsome dinosaur.

It has so many followers that a second part has been launched, which indicates that this title will continue to give something to talk about.

In this article, we bring you a series of Ark Survival Evolved tips that you can practice so that you have more chances to survive in a hostile world full of dinosaurs and other threats.

How to start playing Ark Survival Evolved?

There are some Ark Survival Evolved tips that will be useful to you, when you start playing, whether you do it in cooperative mode or alone. There are tricks that will allow you to advance more quickly in this adventure.

If you have a PS4 or Xbox platform, there are command controls that you should know to function more efficiently within the game:

  • Select: Map
  • Crosshead: Quick access to objects
  • Options / Start: Pause menu
  • Left Stick: Move
  • Right stick: Move the camera
  • X / A: Jump
  • Triangle / Y: Use
  • Circle / B: Inventory
  • R1 / RB: Melee Attack
  • R2 / RT: Shoot
  • R3 / RS: Crouch
  • L1 / LB: Quick access to objects
  • L2 / LT: Point
  • L3 / LS: Running

Later, what follows is the creation of your character; go to the starting area and start with the first actions of the game.

Create your character

After you are proficient with the joysticks, you can move on to creating your character, according to your own taste. It is important that you keep in mind that you can have only one character per server.

For the purposes of the game, the physical appearance or gender of the character has no relevance, since this can only be viewed in the statistics tab in multiplayer mode.

Start zone

With your character ready, you must proceed to select the area of ​​the map where you want to start playing. Default, the easy option is marked as the south coast, it is the best alternative, if you want to start your game in a quieter area. However, this does not limit the presence of some dangerous predator, due to the randomness of the game.

First actions in the game

Among the Ark Survival Envolved tips, reference is made to the importance of the first actions performed in the game. In that sense, you will have to focus on trying to overcome levels, collect supplies and exterminate the most vulnerable predators so you can get food.

As you level up, some engrams are unlocked to start building your shelter. Start looking for a place where you can settle down, light the fire and put out a sleeping bag. In this way, you start to survive and achieve your first trophies and achievements.

What are the best Ark Survival Evolved tips to survive?

Pay close attention to the following Ark Survival Evolved tips, which will help you face all the dangers to which you will be subjected and defeat the deadly predators who will want to exterminate you.

Keep your attributes in view

You should try as much as possible not to neglect any of your attributes, in the Ark Survival Evolved tips they tell you that all attributes are important. You should always keep them at a proper level so you can face different enemies.

Make your own pick and ax

In order for you to take advantage of each of these tools, you need to know what you can get with each of them. First, with the pick you get more straw, flint and meat. On the other hand, with the ax it will be easier for you to collect more wood, stone and hides.

Now, in order for you to make your tools, you need, in the case of the ax: a piece of wood, ten straws and a flint; and for the beak: a wood, ten straws and a stone.

Eat and stay hydrated

Many times during the journey this requirement is usually ignored, in these Ark Survival Evolved tips we remind you that almost every action you take in the game depends on your character being in a healthy state. So, eat food that is cooked and always stay hydrated.

Also, it is important that you carry some medicines or blood bags in your reserve.

Construction, crafting, weapons and medicines

Among the Ark Survival Evolved tips these elements are essential, so try to keep them well equipped, unlocking as many engrams as possible related to them.

If you follow this recommendation, we assure you that your life in Ark will be a little easier.

Bandits, looters and other threats

If you have already decided that the south coast will be where you start your game, Players with the intention of betraying you are likely to start showing up, the environment lends itself, since it is an open area.

We recommend that you avoid being caught because they can turn you into a slave.

Take advantage of the bushes

The berries offered by the bushes are an excellent option for your nutrition, as they are high in calories. You can also take advantage of them to tame dinosaurs. The fiber of the bushes is useful for things related to crafting.

Increase your level

There are certain actions that will help you increase your level faster, such as, chop, cut down and exterminate other beings. In total, you can beat a hundred levels, each of which will be more difficult for you to reach.

One of the advantages that you can enjoy, if you increase your level, is that you will be able to select which of the engrams you want to unlock.

Take advantage of the dodo

Dodos are a very easy species to hunt and have the basic resources so that you can continue advancing in the game.

Take advantage of that you can find this dam everywhere and they are not so agile so they are easy to hunt.

Build your own boat

This is a tip from Ark Survival Evolved that you should consider, if you stay at sea it will be more difficult for you to be captured, so We recommend that you build a boat large enough so that you can move your equipment around the shore.

Use the obelisks to your advantage

Three obelisks are found on Thelsand Island: one red, one blue, and one green. If you started your adventure from the South coast, you can take advantage of the red obelisk to guide you, as can be seen from various points on the island, it will help you to orient yourself and know where to go.

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