Anthem guide, cheats and strategies

Surpass your gamer levels with this Anthem guide! Conquer this world, fighting against all the enemies of the place. The idea is that you manage to be the best and develop new tactics.

If you do not know this game, it is time for you to receive a theory class so that, by practicing, you will obtain a sure victory. Invite your friends and join forces for combat.

Anthem guide: what are the most effective defense tools?

In 2019, Bioware decides to place a sensational video game integrated with the Frostbite graphic. Many liked the projections that could be enjoyed on platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. So, It is one of the most entertaining and favorite games.

First, they pose the scenario of an unidentified planet but with powerful technological relics called The Anthem.

So it happens that the planet was attacked by a military faction in order to find a relic “Cenotaph”. Which caused an exorbitant explosion and now as a player, you will need to deactivate the Cenotaph, along with a combat team.

By following this Complete Anthem Guide, you will conquer every obstacle and enemy without a problem.

It is important that you use the ideal equipment. This is known as “Halberd” and to have several, it is necessary to complete the levels. In short, the types of Halberd available are the following:

  • Command: this is tough and able to withstand the first battle.
  • Colossus– even stronger and includes a defense cannon
  • Storm: Super powerful, with a series of elements such as lightning, ice and fire.
  • Interceptor: It is an indestructible halberd that provides explosions and increased attack speed.

Tricks and strategies: use each skill

This Anthem guide allows an interesting combat and with the possibility of winning. The missions are simple, they just require different skills that you can get. Hence, halberds represent a powerful defense weapon.

As for the capabilities of each javelin, these they remain complete as long as you help your allies. Also, if you eliminate several enemies in a short time, you will enjoy competent equipment.

The scene or environment of the game, includes an extensive territory full of mountains and caves. Without a doubt, halberds have excellent thrusters capable of withstanding vertical movements in the air.

Use the storm

After you have experienced the initial part of the game, you must use a new halberd and the storm is the correct option. Due to its enormous advantages such as strength, it will serve as support when your allies are not in combat.

Invite your friends

While it is true, Anthem has the multiplayer option and this is something you should take full advantage of. Explain to your friends about the game mechanics, convince them to fight this tough battle in this wild world. Each one will serve as a support in adversity and in the end, they will enjoy victory.

In the case of not having people interested in playing, bet on the services of the system to match the combat.

Avoid flying

One of the things that ends up with players is when they are caught flying. So, you should not trust yourself while activating this ability. The enemies will always be attentive to your every move to attack and in the air it is much easier. Do not go up if it is not necessary, leave it for alarming circumstances.

Gather all your skills

Undoubtedly, as long as you maintain enormous strength, you will never be defeated. When it comes to playing, apply all the skills of your character. Do not try to win on this planet, fighting with one of them because you will end up being mutilated.

He knows perfectly each one of them

According to the level where you are, you have the possibility of using different halberds. Although this sounds great and at the beginning of the game you want to use the best one, be careful! Take the time to perfect your movements and skills with each piece of equipment. After perfecting, find a better one that you can fight with.

Don’t stand still

This advice can mean something absurd. Obviously, if you are playing you need to move and destroy one of the enemies at any time. You don’t know when or how they can attack you, damage can come from all angles. Try to stay in safe places, but for a short time.

In case you are trapped, remember to use the return abilities to get out quickly.

Visualize the goal

In this Anthem guide, we insist on specifying each of the assigned activities. Unquestionably, fighting is an action that you cannot avoid, but as you perform each task it will be easier to obtain victory. Analyze the demands of those in charge of the game and take care of energy to stay in combat.

Discover new skills through statistics

A common mistake made by players is finishing games and not looking at the statistics. These numbers are an advantage, since they allow to know the performance within the planet without a name.

In other words, if you played excellently and beat previous scores, Anthem will grant new abilities. Thus, you will continue fighting but with a greater advantage.

Decrease overheating

Flying constantly, causes the fledglings to increase the heat until they overheat. And it is that the effort to get into the air and keep fighting are tasks that require hard work. To fix it, dYou must approach the seas and wait for the blue bar to complete. Later, you can advance with the missions of the game.

Communicate with your friends

When the game gets tough, try talking to your friends through the microphone. Plan with them, the execution of combos. In this way, each one will apply a technique that will allow to kill the enemies. Here, coordination is elementary.

If someone is unaware of their role in the play, it can easily lead to a painful loss in combat.

Adventure and triumph as a team!

Playing Anthem alone is a fantastic distraction, but we ensure wins when we maintain a squad of allies.

This Anthem Guide it will help you prepare for vertical scenarios and surprise attacks. Discuss with your friends, what will be the next plays. Of course, do not hesitate to apply each of the techniques explained.

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