Alternatives to Fortnite

This year the game that has caused the most commotion is known as fortnite. It has been successful, sweeping both PC and various types of consoles. The Android game is not yet available, and is not expected to appear yet. Therefore, we invite you to fill yourself with patience and try the alternatives that this great video game gives you.

The 5 best options to play fortnite

The revolution of console and computer games has never been so special since the arrival of fortnite. Thanks to its popularity, there are endless free alternatives that you can use on your iOS and Android device. Among them, we can mention the following options so you don’t waste time playing it.

Rules of Survival

The most downloaded and played of the entire Google store, with excellent graphics, as well as popularity. Which, provides a extraordinary gameplay and it also has games in multiplayer mode, with more than 130 different players. This game integrates various modes such as Pick up and Use, Fast and Furios, and Last Man Standing. It also has a payment system, which will help you advance quickly in the game. Without a doubt, Rules of Survival is one of the great alternatives to Fortnite.

Pixel’s Unknown Battleground

Is similar to Minecraft in terms of graphics (You can take a look at this game here), and with the same Battle Royale theme. In it you will find, games in multiplayer mode, quite good maps, vehicles and weapons. It is thought that its development has been improved, for use in equipment with less power. In addition to everything, within its application you will find a payment system, for certain elements.

Free fire

It is another of the best alternatives that the Play Store offers you, in addition to being popular and easy to play. The Free Fire game, provides games limited to only fifty players, with which, you can create custom clans. It has the integration of voice chat, in teams made up of a maximum of 4 players. Its graphics are very realistic, quite good, even when they were made only for tablets and mobiles.

Guns Royale

It is a slightly different alternative to the ones we mentioned above, however, it is worth playing. Its aesthetics are too striking, and its graphics are very well designed. The best thing about the video game is that you can have fun in augmented reality games, as not offered by the other titles.


It is a video game inspired by fortnite, in it you can play with a hundred players clash on an island full of weapons. Only the one who proves to be the best will achieve victory and come out alive. As is usual in all these video games, you can play a free-for-all in teams of four players.

Soon on the market

With the alternatives mentioned, you can keep practicing until soon we have the official fortnite video game for iOS and Android. The company announced its launch in Japan in March of this year. We hope that soon, we will have your fantastic download, in all parts of the world.

With the Cross Platform system that it has, you will have the peculiarity of facing simultaneously with other players. Being able to connect to different systems such as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Android or iOS.

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