All the Marvel series coming to Disney + this year

All fans of the Marvel series we are looking forward to the new deliveries that this platform is about to release.

The expectations of the long-awaited releases grow daily. However, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, all of this has had to be delayed. In this sense, Disney + constantly provides new news.

Disney + and its extensive catalog of Marvel series

A few months ago, this company announced about its catalog of Marvel series available for this season. Said streaming platform, already exceeds eighty million subscriptions, scattered around the world. However, it is not satisfied with this figure and they are preparing special content to maintain the number of users and achieve more.

Among the best Marvel series to premiere in 2021 are the following:

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

This fiction begins with the events that occurred at the end of the avengers saga. Here we will get back to Anthony Mackie, giving life to Falcon. Productions began in the United States last year, filming concluded in December.

For the role of Winter Soldier and Captain America, we will have Sebastián Stan. This story is directed by Kari Skogland. It is thought that in the middle of this year 2021 we will be able to enjoy it.


Again, Tom Hiddleston returns to the Marvel series to give life to Loki, the “God of Lies.” The events are retaken when it seizes the Tesseract. The mentioned element is used to alter the history of humanity and travel through time.

Loki’s evil is seen, as we witnessed in the Avengers of 2012. It will have 6 chapters. We will see the participation of Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Sophia Di Martino.

It was written by Michael Waldron and directed by Kate Herron. Most likely, this title will be one of the first to premiere on Disney + for this 2021, in the month of May.

What if

The reality that superheroes can face, if not who they are, is explored. For this reason, it is considered an animated anthological Marvel series, similar to the comics from the seventies.

Alternative realities and situations arise. For example, that Peter Parker’s bite was not a spider, but another insect. Any different event can change history.

Various events are those that may be present in this entertaining series. This installment is considered the first season and consists of ten chapters. It is still in the production phase and its premiere is guaranteed for this year.

No presentation date is foreseen, but we hope they can surprise us soon with their arrival on the Disney + platform.

Ms. Marvel

It is the story of an adolescent of Pakistani nationality. Residing in New Jersey, under the name Kamala Khan, she has the power to alter her form. Throughout the production you will be able to visualize the development process of the superheroine. It is unknown by many, but we are sure that it will become one of the favorites.

The filming of the production takes place specifically in the city of Atlanta. Similarly, Disney + is expected to release it by the end of this year. It promises to be successful, and to be among the top rankings among the best Marvel series.

Hawkeye- Hawkeye

The story also starts from the last events experienced in Endgame – The Avengers. Specifically, it refers to the life of Clinton barton (Hawkeye), played by Jeremy Renner.

Likewise, there will also be a new character, under the name of Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfield. The story is directed by Bert & Bertie and Rhys Thomas.

Currently, production is still in progress. Therefore, it is expected that by the end of 2021 Disney + will surprise us again.

Moon Knight- Moon Knight

Among the Marvel series this is the best of all. It focuses on the story of an unknown and complex character named Marc Spector. He is just the descendant of a rabbi, who went through a somewhat traumatic experience in his childhood. After those events, he began to develop multiple personalities.

Among the characters he will play are Steven Grant and Jake Lockey. Today, there are no details about the future of the Moon Knight. What can be determined is the origin of this character. We hope that Óscar Isaac continues to bring him to life with the same charisma that has always characterized him.

Its long-awaited premiere is thought to be very soon, in the first quarter of 2021.

She hulk

Is about one of the most famous characters in the Marvel series. His first appearance dates back to the 80s, and from that moment he became part of the superhero group. From the creation of Stan Lee, in the company of John Buscema, those responsible for bringing it to life for the first time in Savage She Hulk.

The heroine is named after Jennifer Walters and is a cousin of the Hulk or Bruce Banner. At one point, the girl is involved in a tragic accident and the only person who can donate blood to her is her cousin Bruce. Therefore, by receiving this vital liquid, you will also obtain the giant’s superpowers. With the exception that she can control her feelings, intelligence and emotions.

The actress who will play this role is Tatiana Maslany, a Canadian Golden Globe and Emmy winner. In addition, being a participant in famous television series, such as Heartland and The Nativity. The plot is in pre-production stage, shooting is expected to begin in March next year.

Secret invasion

This production It is one of the most anticipated Marvel series. The story tells of an alien invasion on earth in a war environment. Samuel L. Jackson will play Nick Furry.

Different superheroes combine to fight with the Skrulls. Until now, the exact date of its release is not known, but expectations are very high, regarding this premiere.

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