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Are you a fan of the cinematic universe of Marvel? As a good fan of comics and superhero movies, you will surely want to have any object related to it in your hands. MCU. And one of the most prominent products of the franchise at the moment is the video game Marvel Contest of Champions or, in Spanish, Marvel Battle of Superheroes.

In the following lines we will tell you a little more about the game, the characters and other interesting details.

What is the Marvel Contest of Champions?

Marvel Battle of Superheroes is a video game in which there is a great variety of characters belonging to the series Avengers. The gameplay is very similar to that of established games like Street Fighter, based on 1v1 fights, that is, between two users. The game is available in the app stores of Android and Apple.

It’s not really a new game, it has only had updates and characters related to the MCU have been added. His popularity soared after the end of the cycle of The Avengers, being an exciting way to relive events and become part of history through battles, missions and prizes.

The objective of the game is to build a big team to destroy the rival team. The main feature is that it not only contains the characters from the Avengers series, but we can use Wolverine, plus many quite entertaining and powerful antiheroes. In general, there are more than 100 characters that we can use for battles: Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor, Thanos, Black Lightning, Dr. Strange, Galactus, Ghost Rider

To improve the rank and powers of the characters, players will have to use a radioactive isotope (ISO-8), which you can collect as you participate in missions and come out victorious in battles. Thus, the team of characters you have will be able to grow in powers and abilities.

Combat system and gameplay

Regarding the gameplay and the combat system, we can say that it is something really simple. Any player can learn it quickly by following the tutorial of the game, with which you learn all the fundamentals that will allow you to develop the characters, improve them and integrate yourself into the story.

If you already know the fighting games v1v, you will not have major problems with mastering this game. The big difference is that the variety of characters and the possibility of improving their individual skills is very wide. With the help of missions you can become the best of heroes!

Enjoy the best of Marvel

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