All About the Longest Commercial Flight in the World

The Singapore Airlines He had already given what to talk about recently for his super luxury planes. The double-decker Airbus A380 has been delighting high-end passengers for almost a year now, who can count on suites worthy of a five-star hotel on the plane. All this to offer more space, privacy and attention to first class passengers. All these improvements to the plane, added to other details such as the availability of accessories and cosmetics of the same level, were initially enjoyed by passengers on the Singapore-Sydney route. All of this cost more than $ 800 million, but the airline is determined to aim higher and higher. Now they challenge the limits of the flying experience, offering much more time in the air.

Last Oct 11, 2018, this airline carried out the maiden voyage of what will be the longest trade route in the world. 16,700 kilometers nonstop from Singapore to New York, route commercially available and daily from October 18. The departure was scheduled for 11:35 pm at Changi Airport and the flight duration would be 18 hours and 45 minutes until landing at Newark International Airport in New York.

Background to this flight

The Singapore – New York route is not new. In fact, the airline offered it between 2004 and 2013 using Airbus A340-500s, but the high cost of fuel made it unprofitable. Also, looking at other airlines, Qatar Airways had also experimented with long-duration flights. Until now, the longest flight in the world was its Doha – Auckland route, which covers a distance of 14,200 kilometers in just over 17 hours.

In the past, Pan American Airways offered a route between San Francisco and Honolulu that lasted more than 21 hours and with stops in California and Manila. Another discontinued route is the Hong Kong – London route offered in the past by the Pakistani airline that covered 21,600 kilometers in 22 hours. Naturally, with the advancement of technology, these routes are not so attractive or necessary.

The maiden flight

Flight SQ22 took off on time, with capacity for thirteen crew members and 161 passengers, distributed between the preferential class (67) and others in the Premium tourist class (94). The company returns to this route with the new A350-900ULR aircraft that are efficient and lightweight, taking advantage of cutting-edge materials technology, and that can fly up to 20 hours without stopovers. The route passed through the north of the Pacific Ocean, Alaska and Canada, until it reached the destination city, and alternative options were handled that would pass through the North Pole, Europe and the Atlantic.

The inaugural flight was a success and the plane even landed half an hour earlier than planned, which caught the attention of travelers from all over the world. Prices range between 1800 and 3700 euros, mainly for business men and women.

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