Alex Hunter signs for Real Madrid in Fifa 2019

Who is Alex Hunter, fiction or reality? He was born in Clapham, London, and began his career on Clapham Common with his best friend Gareth Walker. His grandfather, Jim Hunter, was a former English player who scored 22 goals in the 1968-69 season and the father, Harold, was also a soccer player in his youth, but his career was interrupted by injury. Sure, all in the imagination of the creators of the video game.

After signing with him Manchester United, went to MLS in the United States, to act with the Galaxy. Now go back to europe to look for the Champions League with the merengue team. The announcement on Twitter confused the followers of the white team, who after the signing of Ronaldo to Juventus, they expect a galactic signing.

Who is Real Madrid’s bombshell signing?

In their effort to find the best players, they analyze each one so that they can sign and be exclusive. Real Madrid takes great care in this and watches all the players very well to select the best. Alex Hunter was selected for the excellent conditions he has. In a video shared on networks, the most important players of the Real Madrid squad are observed greeting their new member. Does his signing seem successful to you?

You are probably hesitant to answer and that is because you do not know the new promise of Florentino Pérez. Hunter is a fictional gamer, continuing his rise in FIFA 19 after appearing two years ago in FIFA 17.

Alex Hunter continues his path to stardom by joining Real Madrid in FIFA 19. The forward, who began his rise in the Premier League, won the MLS Cup before returning to Europe. Now, with the Champions League cup featured in FIFA for the first time, Hunter has joined Real in pursuit of European glory.

The champion’s comment on signing with Real Madrid: “joining Real Madrid, the biggest club in the world, is what every child like me dreams of. And above all, I am excited to finally have my chance to play in the biggest club competition in the world, the UEFA Champions League. ” The move was announced on EA Sports’ FIFA Twitter account, and it also marked the launch of Real Madrid’s new red kit. Real Madrid’s new shirt is inspired by efforts to remove plastic from the oceanor, and is made by Parley Ocean Plastic. A myth, from which it is possible to have some benefit.

Taking advantage of fiction?

Real Madrid are trying to capitalize on a FIFA history by making replica t-shirts with the name of fictional gamer Alex Hunter. EA Sports confirmed that Journey Mode will return for FIFA 19, as well as the main protagonist, Hunter, whose final chapter of his narrative will see him join Madrid.

And Real Madrid acted fast by releasing official replica jerseys of their 2018-19 home and away teams. with Hunter’s name stamped on the back in an attempt to profit from the situation.

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