Advantages of Breast Augmentation

Do you dream of a perfect breast? The breast augmentation It is one of the most demanded cosmetic surgeries in the world, which is due to the amount of benefits associated with this intervention and the changes that it can generate both physically and in women’s self-esteem.

Regardless of size, breasts are a distinctive fragment of the female figure, which is why many women suffer complexes and insecurities when they have proportions that do not fit the ideal of beauty they have in mind. The solution to obtain the desired balance in the figure is usually to increase the size of the bust through breast prostheses.

Thanks to the contribution of the Dr. María Jesús García-Dihinx, specialist in Zaragoza breast augmentation operation, we have made a complete list that summarizes all the advantages associated with this kind of aesthetic operation. We hope that this information allows you to solve some of the most common doubts and you can make the most appropriate decision for your situation.

5 advantages of breast augmentation

From an aesthetic point of view, breast enlargement can create a more attractive silhouette, but this is not the only possible reason for this operation. For many women with insecurities related to the imbalance between both breasts or who have overcome cancer after a mastectomy, this surgery can restore the confidence and security that they may have lost.

Improves aesthetic problems

A large, firm and natural-looking breast has the ability to generate a much better balanced and harmonious silhouette. Thanks to this surgical intervention, a correction is achieved in excessively flat breasts, improving the appearance of the bust after losing weight and reconstructing the breasts when they have suffered a mastectomy or an accident.

Increase confidence

By correcting the aesthetic problem, the woman can acquire a higher level of self-confidence, which may be directly related to the increase in self-esteem due to their renewed physical appearance. With this newly acquired level of confidence, they can be encouraged to try new things or even improve the quality of their sexual health.

The clothes will fit much better

If you are one of the women who usually tries on clothes and is not comfortable with most of the clothes, you will notice how now the clothes look much better on your body than before. This is one of the main advantages and also one of the reasons why they tend to be interested in making this drastic change in their figure.

Very safe procedure

Although no surgical procedure is completely risk-free, breast augmentation is a very safe procedure when this is done in the right environment and at the hands of a professional with sufficient experience in this type of operation. If the patient is responsible with aftercare, the risks are lowered even further.

Helps to feel younger

The vast majority of women who undergo this operation consider that at the end of the procedure they feel that they have recovered. youth, freshness and beauty. The reason is that firm and erect breasts are associated with young ages, so it is possible that the perception about their real age changes a little.

Psychological benefits of breast augmentation

Strictly speaking from the psychological point of view, breast augmentation through breast implants generates significant personal satisfaction. This is something that most surgeons notice when the entire recovery process is complete and patients can enjoy the results obtained.

Personal image is an issue that influences the ability to relate to other people, not so much from a superficial point of view, but in the case of deeper affective relationships. For women who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts, dealing with sexual intimacy is a fairly common problem.

After breast augmentation, most of the complexes that prevent the development of a full and healthy sexuality are removed almost immediately. Women often lose the fear of being naked before their sexual partners and, as a result, the relationship becomes more satisfying.

Of course, It is important that breast augmentation surgery is not considered the only way to gain confidence and self-confidence, but rather to understand that it is a supplement capable of reinforcing pre-existing beauty.

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