Do you know the Adidas sneakers inspired by Dragon Ball?

Adidas does it again !!! Once again, the most prominent sports shoe brand in the world once again dazzles us with the new collection of Adidas sneakers inspired by Dragon Ball. Although information on the matter has not yet been officially released to the press and the media, the first images of the models were revealed. Adidas sneakers inspired by Dragon Ball They will go on sale in the middle of this year 2018.

East agreement between Adidas and the anime giant Dragon Ball, It is inspired by the famous characters and villains of the best known saga of Akira Toriyama. There are 8 models that will feature the characteristic colors of the characters Goku – Vegeta – Gohan – Freeza – Cell – Majin Buu and Shen Long. The models are a leap forward in the footwear industry that, combined with the characteristic colors of each character, will make more than one shudder when wearing these Adidas sneakers inspired by Dragon Ball.

Adidas sneakers inspired by Dragon Ball will be ready to go on the market from mid 2018. Not all models will be available at the same time because their appearance will be gradual. In August, Adidas’ sneakers inspired by Dragon Ball will be released on the characters Goku and Frieza of the Freezer Saga represented by the Adidas ZX 500 RM model and the YUNG-1, in the month of September will arrive the shoes with the Gohan models in the same colors that the character wore during the fight against the bioandroid created by Dr. Gero and the Cell inspired style of the Cell and the Androids Saga with the new Adidas DEERUPT and PROPHERE models. The new Vegeta models will arrive in November and Majin Buu from the Majin Buu Saga represented by ULTRA TECH and KAMANDAY. The collection of Adidas sneakers inspired by Dragon Ball will close the year with Shenlong and Super Shenlong sneakers in their EQT MID ADV and SUPPORT ADV MID models that will be ready for the month of December this year. It has also been revealed that Sneakers by Adidas inspired by Dragon Ball Each one will include the character’s own action figure.

As for the colors, here we leave you a description of each model of Adidas shoes inspired by Dragon Ball.

  • Goku ZX 500 RM (BOOST) Model: Orange and blue with red details and yellow that seeks to imitate the hair color of the Super Saiyan. It will be available to the public in August 2018.
  • YUNG-1 model of the villain Freeza: White with purple and pink accents will be ready to release also in August 2018.
  • DEERUPT model referring to Gohan: Purple and white, but it will be available from September 2018.
  • PROPHERE model aimed at Cell: Mottled green and purple. September 2018.
  • KAMANDA model inspired by Majin Buu: Soft pink and purple. For this model we must wait until November 2018.
  • ULTRA TECH (OREGON) model of Vegeta: Navy blue with gold and yellow details to reflect Vegeta in a Super Saiyan state and a black lower part. The back of the shoe features the Capsule Corps logo on sale from November 2018 as well.
  • Shen Long EQT SUPPORT ADV MID model: Green and yellow with red details and white and green sole ready to release from December 2018.
  • EQT MID AVD Super Shen Long model: Black and gray. December 2018.

Adidas sneakers inspired by Dragon Ball will be a very exclusive special version with designs truly inspired by these characters that have become known in all corners of the planet. The models come in their box with a very original design to give a truly unique presentation with a high artistic and creative inspiration.

Let’s remember that more than a year ago VANS in alliance with PIXAR launched a collection of Sneakers inspired by the characters of the famous Toy Story animated films that became a true sales record in a short time. So we think that this alliance between Adidas and Dragon Ball will have a very similar success inspired by the best-known characters in the series.

Regarding the price, the company has not given details on the cost of each pair of sneakers by Adidas inspired by Dragon Ball, but surely it will not be a limitation for fans of this series and of this German brand of shoes that will surely break all sales records. If you are a true fan of Dragon Ball and Adidas, you will surely want to add one or more pairs of sneakers to your collection.

As has been leaking about the new Adidas sneakers inspired by Dragon Ball, there are behind-the-scenes comments that the characters Mr. Popo, Mr. Satan, Yajirobe and Tenshinhan. they will surely come to have their own design; something that indicates that the collection will extend beyond 2018.

For lovers of sports shoes brand Adidas and Dragon Ball Z, they will be able to enjoy this union with an unequaled emotion and sensations. So now you know: August, September, November and December to see this dream of the sports shoe design come true.

More than 30 years have passed since Dragon Ball first appeared on the screen (1984); the series that unveiled Goku has not stopped adding generations of fans over the decades becoming one of the most watched and loved series of all time. Now it is your turn to take a leap forward with this collection of sneakers that will attract the attention of many people around the world. The collection will first be available in all official Adidas stores Of each country.

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