7 reasons to watch Black Mirror (if you haven’t already)

Black Mirror is a Netflix original sci-fi series, the brainchild of Charlie Brooker, which debuted on the platform in 2011 and basically explores how technology influences our lives, for better or for worse. It featured stars like Miley Cyrus and Anthony Mackie, but even these days many wonder what all the hype is about with this series. Today we give you good reasons to see Black Mirror.

In the 1960s, viewers were spellbound by creator Rod Serling’s science fiction anthology series known as The Twilight Zone. Many claim that it opened minds to new ideas and captured all the political paranoia and fears of humanity at the time.

Why watch this series?

At present, we dare to say that Black Mirror should be causing the same effect. A production that awakens our fears, paranoias and deficiencies at this time, touching on a subject as controversial as the rapid advance of technology and why that can end in not good events.

But if you are a difficult viewer and these lines still do not convince you, we invite you to take a look at the list of reasons to see Black Mirror that we bring you today, do not stop reading it.

It’s the scariest show on television

Black Mirror, without a doubt, it’s one of the scariest series on tv and that’s definitely a good thing because people who like horror genre love to be scared! That’s the main reason there is this genre that makes hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office every year. If you are looking for those kinds of emotions, Black Mirror has it all, it scares, paralyzes, surprises, makes you nervous and excites you.

Technology improves our lives in many ways, but what if technology went too far? This Netflix original series explores the dark sides of the use of technology and the dire consequences this can bring to humanity.

Its excellent story regarding technologies that invade our privacy, brainwash our military, hack into our personal files, and watch us when we don’t know, may be too real, so be sure to watch this show.

Has excellent reviews

Critics in general have loved Black Mirror since its inception. With each new season they become more excited, as it showcases intelligent storytelling, diverse characters, and deep, socially relevant themes.

Black mirror brings a refreshing twist to the idea of ​​what media and entertainment are or should be, the show’s content is terrifyingly charming and does an excellent job of taking today’s phenomena and putting them under the microscope, with a certain irreverent humor.

It is considered a bold, witty, dark and twisted satire, with fascinating themes and twists that provide you with a fantastic time of entertainment, but always keep you in the real world. Black Mirror is a winner of important awards, such as the Emmy, BAFTA and Peabody, so you can take this as a reference, if you were not yet convinced of its excellence.


It is a diverse program, something that makes it more interesting. Episodes feature heterosexual, gay, interracial couples, different religions, people with disabilities, and people of different races, giving life to the plot, without necessarily being trouble episodes, just part of the story. It’s really great.

In addition, each episode has a new cast of talented actors that includes personalities such as Letitia Wright or Domhnall Gleeson, which makes each chapter of this fabulous series much more diverse and varied.

The episodes are different

Every episode of Black Mirror is totally different, with new characters, stories and settings. Each chapter is independent from the others and has an unpublished story, so we can say that they are a lot of mini-films with a theme that connects them: the dangers of technology in the modern world and where our obsession with it leads us .

Has a great cast

Many of the big stars do not commit to television shows because they are often long-term obligations that take up an indeterminate amount of time. But when the engagement is just one episode in an anthology series like this, with a good script and an engaging character, they will be scored immediately.

In Black Mirror, you will be amazed by the cast of each episode, there are fantastic and famous actors such as Jon Hamm, Daniel Kaluuya, Toby Kebbell, Hayley Atwell, Bryce Dallas Howard, Kelly Macdonald, Wyatt Russell, Jesse Plemons, Jerome Flynn and Andrea Riseborough, among a host of talented artists, which are definitely one of the best reasons to watch Black Mirror.

You never know what to expect

When you are watching Black Mirror you do not know what to expect, many times it will surprise you with an episode in black and white, full-length, animated, ¡¡nothing is off limits!

It’s certainly going to be some powerful topic, but you can’t guess which one, as the episodes span everything from grief, parenting, relationships, jealousy, guilt, to paranoia and conspiracies. We assure you that at the end of each episode you will be really impressed and hooked.

The plot takes unexpected turns

What’s great about the plot twists in Black Mirror is that it’s subtly hinted at throughout the episode, in a way that doesn’t make sense to you until it’s revealed and you’re finally able to clarify and understand everything. That is why the episodes can be watched over and over again, because you are always discovering new elements.

One of the best plot twists in this series can be found in the season 2 episode called White Bear, because when everything was supposed to be predictable and riddled with horror movie clichés, the plot change is masterful and unexpected, a witty, dark and twisted work on the part of the creator.

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