7 common situations in which you should visit the dentist

The teeth are that part of our body that need special attention and very strict hygiene, since we constantly introduce food and drink into the mouth that can leave residues, generating bacterial activity that can cause a lot of damage to the dental structure and our health usually.

Dental problems usually have a silent and progressive nature, so it is very important to be attentive to those circumstances that may alert us to dental problems, and put a solution to it in time before the disease progresses, otherwise we will be forced to use more aggressive treatments in the future if we do not remedy it soon or prevent problems.

Why is it so difficult for us to go to the dental clinic?

A lot of dental problems develop from not visiting the dentist when we know we should. But why does this happen?

The economic factor and the lack of time are perhaps two of the causes that most influence when it comes to not visiting the dentist, even when they are aware that they need it. In the end, more time is wasted and more expensive treatments are paid when the problem develops. Funny right?

Little attention is paid to the mouth, for how fundamental it is in our day to day, and we only realize that when it hurts a lot or when we are forced to perform a complete dental rehabilitation, where we lose our teeth and that is when we give them the importance they really have.

Situations where we have to visit the dentist

We have made a small list with some of the most common problems in the population, and to which they are not given enough importance. If we detect any of these problems, the most sensible thing to do is make an appointment with the dentist to analyze the state of the mouth and try to find a solution before things get worse.

Blood when brushing teeth

If we brush our teeth correctly, and our gums bleed, it is a clear warning that something is wrong with our mouth. Usually this is due to inflammation of the gums due to poor hygiene.

If we do not stop it in time, the problem can lead to a periodontal disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis, which can cause serious damage to the teeth.

The dentist will have to investigate the reason for dental bleeding, whether it is from a poor choice of toothbrush, poor hygiene or periodontal disease. Be that as it may, a visit to the dentist is a must.

Annual dental cleaning

Yes, the simple passage of time is a situation in itself in which we should visit the dentist. We must set a reminder every 12 months to perform a dental cleaning at the dental clinic.

From El Bosque Dental Clinic in Villaviciosa de Odón, they alert us of the importance of these dental cleanings, since, for little money, we prevent dental diseases that can cost much more money and that of course are very harmful to health and to our day to day.

With these cleanings we avoid the accumulation of tartar in the spaces between teeth and gums, something that has a positive impact on our dental health and even on our dental aesthetics.

Grinding of teeth

This situation is very difficult to detect, since it occurs especially when we sleep. It is an involuntary act in which the teeth are gripped in a very violent way, which can cause serious jaw, dental and gum damage.

It is usually detected by relatives or a partner who lives with us, and the most direct consequences are the destruction of the tooth structure, thus leaving smaller and less aesthetic teeth.

According to the Smile Granada Dental Clinic, the origin of teeth grinding is usually in a very stressful rhythm of life, concerns that lead to anxiety or a lack of rest or sleep.

Visiting the dental clinic is important to review the damage caused, develop a plan to reduce bruxism and avoid future damage with the use of special splints that we will use while we sleep.

Tooth gaps

Not everyone has perfectly aligned teeth and no interdental spaces. Many of the people we see like this have undergone some orthodontic or cosmetic dental treatment to show off an even teeth.

If our teeth have pronounced interdental spaces, we should think about visiting the dentist to find a solution, since beyond the mere aesthetic fact, food remains accumulate between the teeth, or that a dental piece lacks the support of the closest teeth to distribute the occlusal forces, are two problems that can aggravate our dental health in the future.

At Clínica Dental Dra. León they are experts in TMJ and they know very well the problems that spaces between teeth can cause. These problems can even lead to very strong headaches, so we have to ensure a good bite.

Therefore, we must take this situation into account as a reason for consulting a dental clinic to examine the current state and study possible solutions.

Gum loss at the root of the tooth

This is commonly known as gingival retraction, and it normally occurs when we have a gum problem, which ends up exposing the root of the tooth and which can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

It should be noted that the gum does not regenerate as it can with other body tissues. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the disease and solve this loss of gum with some type of gum graft that can restore good functionality and good dental aesthetics.

Tooth sensitivity to cold

It is not normal that when we take a cold food or drink, our teeth hurt, which exposes a problem in our teeth.

The outermost part that covers the tooth is responsible for not hurting us when we drink something cold, so if this is happening, surely some damage has been generated in the structure of the tooth.

We must visit the dentist stating the facts so that he can review the state of our teeth and the “why” of this tooth sensitivity.

Bad breath

Bad breath in our mouth can be simply due to poor dental hygiene, but if we do it correctly, and we still notice bad breath continuously, we should think about visiting the dentist.

It can mean some process of cavities, bacteria that enter the tooth, being impossible to eliminate them through common brushing.

Treating cavities and good dental hygiene should be enough to eliminate this problem.

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