6 reasons to watch Ray Donovan

Despite the fact that the first season of the American series Ray donovan did not have a great impact on the Spanish public at the time of its premiere in 2013, with the passage of time it managed to forge a solid base of fans, mainly due to the work of its protagonist, an antihero played by Liev Schreiber.

Eight seasons were planned for this fiction from the small screen, but the series’ journey ended in season seven, leaving fans who expected a worthy conclusion to the plot and a fair farewell for its characters. However, even with an unfinished plot, the series deserves a chance.

That is why we have made this list where we tell you Six Big Reasons Why You Should Ray Donovan, considered by many as one of the best series of recent years.

Its cast

The fiction stars Liev Schreiber, in the role of Raymond “Ray” Donovan, who works for a major law firm. Schreiber manages to show that he is much more than the typical Hollywood action actor, portraying a nuanced antihero. To this we must add the presence of Jon voight, James woods, Steven Bauer Y Elliot gould.

Critical reception and audience

The Rotten Tomatoes website rated the show’s first season 77/100. Additionally, its premiere in Showtime It has been one of the best on the subscription channel, with an audience of 1.35 million viewers, which allowed the series to be renewed for a second season after three broadcast episodes, reaching seven in total.

A different look from Hollywood

Although it is not the first time that the intimacies of the inhabitants of Hollywood have been aired, it is the first television show that portrays everything in such a crude way, exploiting themes that many other fictions have only hinted at, even showing the most violent face and decadent of some celebrities.


Another reason the Ray Donovan series deserves a shot is due to the amount of awards it has received since its launch. Has been creditor of a Critics’ Choice Awards in 2013 and a nomination for Golden Globe for Schreiber for Best Actor, while Jon Voight was nominated for a Emmy and won a Golden Globe.

Its gender

The series is based on the black police genre, updating some characteristic clichés, such as the tough and short-lived protagonist. However, the antihero essence of the character is the additional element that is added to the formula, adding interesting nuances to a character that would otherwise go unnoticed.

The relationship between the protagonists

The script completely transforms the series, posing it as a series of detectives, but adding depth to each character by giving them a strong psychological charge, causing them to constantly debate between blame and the search for redemption.

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