6 common mistakes when creating a blog

It is a reality that the internet, today, offers many possibilities to make everything easier. However, when creating a site, people make certain mistakes that are not usually clarified in the guides to create a website.

Creating a blog, the act of developing it on a site builder platform, is a job that takes a few minutes. Carrying out the relevant configurations takes another few minutes. But there are tasks that involve much more time, it is there that the owners stop paying attention.

So that you are prepared and prevent them, today we are going to tell you the 6 most common mistakes when creating a blog.

# 1 Not having a defined strategy

Having a defined strategy includes choosing the theme of the blog, the niche your content will target, publication deadlines, content upload frequency and ways to get traffic. By being clear about what you want to achieve and how, the decisions you make over time will be much easier and focused on a particular goal.

# 2 Forget the name

One of the most common mistakes is to leave the choice of name until last. It is real that you must select it after having defined the objective, theme and niche of your blog. But this does not mean that it is the last thing you do before launching.

The name must match the domain of your website. It may be easy for you to find the domain you want. But it may happen that it is difficult for you to find the domain name you want and you have to think about different options. This is why you must make the choice with time and patience.

# 3 Thinking SEO doesn’t matter

Although your goal is not specifically to be well positioned in search engine results because you want to do paid advertising, you must take SEO into account. SEO positioning will be another boost for your site.

An important point is that it does not take great effort to optimize your publications based on the position in the results of the various search engines. You just have to take into account some tricks to enhance the SEO of your website and, based on that, work on each of the publications. Soon you will have it incorporated when writing, such as the use of accents or punctuation marks.

# 4 Leave out the technical details

There are technical issues that are more conditioning than others when creating a site that other people will navigate. Two factors that we consider fundamental are: on the one hand, the choice of a platform to create the blog and, on the other, the hosting you use.

Today there are many platforms where you can develop your website. There is so much variety that it is often confusing when choosing, because the details are not usually so noticeable. It is important that, when you have defined your objective and the projections of your site, you decide based on an in-depth analysis which platform will be most useful to you now and in the future.

As for hosting, it is similar. There is a lot of offer from hosting service providers. It is essential that you choose one that suits your project. But at the same time, make it flexible in case you need to make future modifications.

# 5 Do not ask for a return from your community

There are very simple actions that can have a great impact on your website. Questioning your community is one of them.

Many times, in the simple routine of writing what we are passionate about, we forget that, in addition to doing it for ourselves, we write it for someone else. That someone else may have certain returns regarding the content that will help us to improve and adapt our publications to those who we want to read it.

Therefore, at the end of each article, you can add a question or a “task” where you ask readers for their opinion about what they read. In addition to being able to receive feedback on your work, you will create greater engagement with surfers.

# 6 Neglecting social networks

Although you do not want to focus on social networks, you must understand them as a bridge that will help connect those interested with your blog. Bringing traffic to your website is part of the goal.

People today spend a large part of their leisure time browsing social platforms. Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, are some of the applications most used by surfers. This type of network helps people get to know your blog so that later, if they like the content, they choose to visit it periodically.

Now that you know the most common mistakes, you can take them into account to try not to make them. Have you ever made one of these mistakes?

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